The 10 Best Gambling Books You Must Read

Do you wish to go for gambling but aren’t aware of the best games and how to play them? Then you are in the right place. Here you could find the 10 best gambling related books that would help you to the skills which you need to become a professional player. You could also find the best biographies related to the essential gamblers who were in history and have changed the entire gambling world. Choosing and reading the right book would be of great help if you want to play Route 777.

  1.    Beat the dealer by Edward O. Thorp:

Edward O. Thorp is a math genius, as well as the father of counting card, had invented the 1st wearable computer. In the year 1962, he wrote the book Beat the Dealer: A winning for game of twenty- one. It was the first book to give you information mathematically about how to use card counting to overturn house edge in the blackjack game. It is most widely used by professionals and amateurs. It’s very easy to follow for everyone.

  1.    Scarne’s new complete guide to gambling by John Scarne:

John Scarne was one of the best card manipulators who had become an expert in playing magical tricks while writing several books. This book would provide you with all the details that you need to know while gambling such as the odds, house percentages, official rules you need to follow, etc. He had provided with different games, reviews of betting and analysis with right advice and instructions over the playing strategies.

  1.    Gambling 102: Best strategies of Casino games written by M. Shackleford:

The book would provide you with mathematical analysis along with the computer simulation in providing combination in the real casino play so as to deliver you with the right assessments and explanations about odds for all the games. As the chapters are clear and straight forward it would be easy for anyone to understand the basic strategies for games which are based over the calculations that are carried out.


  1.    Supersystem by Doyle Brunson:

Doyle Brunson is a multiple winner who won at the world series of poker. This book was one of the first books about poker strategy. If you want to build your career in gambling and would wish to become a professional poker player then you can consider this book as the bible of poker which is must to read. It would explain to you why is poker not just confined to luck and more than luck. You could definitely find the best explanations over probabilities and the best strategies which you need to follow.

  1.    Burning the tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen:

It is one of the classic books about casino behaviour 101 where you can find everything about blackjack which you can utilize and get benefitted while playing on the table. It would help you to understand how to choose the right variant in the game, ways to distract and figure out bluffing, ways to prevent stress, anger or any other kind of emotions while playing the game. It would also guide you with the steps to enhance your skills and the appropriate manners to be followed at the casino such as the tipping, dress code, etc.

  1.    The Book “A man for all markets” written by Edward E. Thorp

In this book, you could find the real story of Edward E. Thorp who was a legendary mathematician and had actually invented the card counting system and explained to everyone that the house will not win always. You can find out more information about how he actually went through the transition state from teaching to a gambler. He was the one who had changed the gambling world forever. Whether you wish to read about those who made a great impact in the casino world or you are an aspiring gambler then this is the book which you must read.

  1.    Enemy number one by Patrick Veitch:

The book is all about a real story of Patrick Veitch who is one of the successful gamblers. He had also earned a reputation of bookie tormentor as he was able to make profits in dealings of more than £ 10 million over a period of 8 years. The book contains everything about him from how he had become a predator from prey. It is now the most popular and featured book about professional staker in the UK.

  1.    All bets are off by Arnie Wexler:

Be ready to know how gambling addiction would be as it was told by Sheila Wexler and Arnie. The story would explain, all about how Arnie got into the gambling addiction at the age of fourteen. Later the betting had become compulsive and went out of control pushing him as well as his wife Sheila to the rim of life. But they somehow managed to get out of this addiction and get back to a normal healthy life while now helping other people through right programs and training.

  1.    Bets, Drugs and rock and roll by Steve Budin:

It’s the autobiography of the creator of the first sports betting company i.e. Steve Budin. He was the one who had revolutionized the dark business which was spread to people through the old school methods which would include luring their clients with hooker studded trips, with drug infusions, etc. Budin had shaped bookmaking in the global industry with the guidance of his father who was also a famous bookmaker and had made millions with the same.

  1.    The dark side of the felt by Tyler Nals:

Whether you like to play the poker games or you don’t play, it is important for you to read this amazing book as it would help you to understand all about the game along with the TV broadcast tournaments. Here the author narrates the story of his own how he used to play the poker games underground in Long Island and the Charlotte. It would provide you with a real idea and great points that are essential for the players.


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