Yaar Bolda | Navv Inder’s New Punjabi Song is a Tribute to Surjit Bindrakhia | Official Video

It has been 24 years already and we are yet to witness a Punjabi wedding where the DJ does not play Surjit Bindrakhia’s ‘Tera Yaar Bolda’ at least twice. Well 24 years later Navv Inder is back with his own rendition of the song titled ‘yaar bolda’ and it is the ultimate anthem for winter 2017. Navv Inder’s new Punjabi song has the same hook as the old song trying to find a connection between Bindrakhia and the millennial generation.

Navv Inder’s new Punjabi song is a peppy urban anthem:

Navv Inder has been the man behind hit Punjabi anthems like ‘Wakhra Swag’ and his new Punjabi song ‘Yaar Bolda’ is no less. Navi Ferozepurwala is the tried and tested collaborator for Navv Inder and with ‘Yaar Bolda’ he returns to duty. The lyrics are up and fresh and find the right connect with the young generation. The music department is helmed by Nakulogic and he does the commendable job of keeping the Navv Inder song peppy.

The new Punjabi song Yaar Bolda is targeted at urban audiences and it offers the usual chunk of SWAG. Our only complaint though is, we want to see Navv Inder actually singing in his songs and not just speaking the lyrics which is a huge turn-off. The new Punjabi song Yaar Bolda is available for download at most major music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Saavn. Download the song ‘here’.

Yaar Bolda by Navv Inder: Official Video

The new Punjabi song Yaar Bolda by Navv Inder features a music video with great visuals. The video is directed by Robby Singh and is all things 2017. The video of new Punjabi song features Navv Inder in his usual flashy lifestyle with huge mansions and exotic cars. Ihaana Dhillon is an absolute delight to watch. She will also be making her big screen debut in Bollywood with Hate Story 4. Navv Inder’s new Punjabi song Yaar Bolda’s video is just something that is standard 2017 and offers virtually nothing new. You can download the new Punjabi Song ‘Yaar Bolda’ by Navv Inder on Google Play Music.

We sincerely hope Punjabi Music Industry grows out of the trend to make slapstick shallow songs about love, money and relationships and stops misleading the youth.

Watch the video of Navv Inder’s ‘Yaar Bolda’:


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