10 Smart Technologies You Can Buy

The world and its people continue to grow and develop, our necessities and commodities adapt to our constant and rapid growth too. As far as we could remember, the technology we use today is much different than before. Things were straightforward, but it was quite inefficient. Today, smart technology has been developed to help us become more proficient.

Being resourceful is an advantage in today’s era. Before smart technologies were presented to the world, production and efficiency were incredibly slow. By utilizing smart technology powered devices, resourcefulness is knocking on your door. They help us become more efficient and help us organize our day to day endeavors.

Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock

This robot alarm will not allow you to abuse that snooze button and sleep for a bit more. It has two wheels and is designed to run around your house and will hide. Clocky will continue to beep unless you get up and turn the alarm off, but it won’t make it easy for you to catch him.

Smart Watches

Thin watches have been made possible through the help of Bluetooth technology. It can receive notifications, control music, browse your email, and allows you to text, chat, and call. It can pretty much do basic things like a smartphone. What makes it more convenient is that it’s small, works in all types of weather and water-resistant.

Smart Faucet

Water scarcity has been a problem for us since our population has been growing at a fast rate. Water and energy conservation is the primary purpose of this innovative faucet. It is also hygienic because it does not require physical contact. It automatically dispenses water when it detects your hands and turns off when it can no longer sense your hands.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This is not your ordinary weighing scale at home. If you are a health-conscious person, this device might be right for you. The device can measure not only your weight, but it also measures your body fat percentage, heart rate, and even the air quality of your room. You can sync your data through their mobile app so you can easily track your progress.

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators are quite popular these days. This technology is designed to sense what products are being stored and keeps inventory of the perishable foods you keep. It also gives you details about its energy consumption and informs you when an item needs to be restocked.

Electrolux Eco Cleaner

Food that as been discarded is one of the leading contributors to waste in the world, and managing its disposal is a bit challenging. This eco-friendly device recycles food wastes into compost for your lovely garden and plants. It consumes solar power, thus, making it a highly sustainable and efficient tool.

Amazon Echo Dot

Smart technologies are also equipped with artificial intelligence nowadays. Amazon Echo Dot is an intelligent speaker suitable for a smart and comfortable home. Through Alexa, an AI personal assistant, you can execute voice commands such as, playing music, turning the news on, browse the internet, and you can even ask it questions.

Tesla Smart Summon

If you own a Tesla, then this Smart Summon parking feature is not a surprise for you. A Tesla vehicle is impressive itself, but what’s astonishing is its Full Self-Driving option programmed in your car. Thus, lead to the upbringing of Smart Summon. This feature will allow the vehicle to leave and navigate around a parking space through the Tesla app on your mobile phone.

Amazon Ring Peephole Cam

This tiny and remarkably efficient device does not need to be hardwired on your door. This innovative peephole is perfect for people who live in an apartment who wants a practical home. The Ring Peephole Cam is also compatible with Alexa. You can easily tell Alexa to answer the front door and make it possible for you to chat with whoever is knocking.

Archer VibrAcoustic Bath

A smart bathtub is always perfect for an exhausting day. A relaxing bath sounds nice, but a tub that sounds nice is better. This bathtub serves as a speaker and provides a sensual bath. It brings your bath to a whole new level with its hydrotherapy function. The hidden speakers in the tub will emit sound waves, so the water in it will produce a current.


Smart Technology helps us in a lot of ways we could ever think of, the benefits of this fantastic innovation do not limit to us but also for our environment and the very world we live in. Smart Technology helps us conserve energy, thus preventing us from exhausting our energy resources hastily. We need to be practical and eco-friendly for us to live comfortably truly.


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