3 Most Popular Indian Bet On Sports

It’s no surprise that India’s online betting sector is thriving, and it’s here to stay. This heavy traffic isn’t unusual either. When life gets tough and frustrating, the subcontinent leans on sports. So unwind with a good cricket match or hockey, and a complimentary cup of hot tea or coffee, and a platter of biscuits.


You don’t know India unless you understand cricket. Cricket has had a particularly loyal following in the minds of the subcontinent’s viewers for over 300 years. Though hockey is the national sport, cricket is by far the most popular. In the unlikely event that the team loses, TVs break, players are booed, and appeals for dismissals as well as penalties are made. However, when the team is winning, everything is good, and there is no better-behaved group of 11 people. It’s a love-hate relationship that’s still going strong and vibrant.

Given the gravity of the situation, it is expected that cricket betting generates a lot of traffic among the best betting sites in India. People consider themselves specialists in the sport and often provide guidance to players as though they had a good run on the field years ago.

Mobile cricket betting is a common kind of gambling. It provides information on how to bet using a mobile phone, cash out, in-play mobile betting, and promotions and incentives.

Ice Hockey

Hockey, despite being the country’s official sport, has a special position among Indian sports fandom. The Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar has converted this enthusiasm into a fever. As a result, online hockey betting is also gaining popularity and volume in the country. Due to the game’s low-scoring nature, hockey betting is always a riskier and exciting business, hence the attractive nature of the market.

When betting on hockey, the best betting sites in India allow one to choose how many odds to assign the successful and losing teams.  Favorites and underdogs are also assigned. Placing a bet on the favorites lets you win the stated amount while wagering the other way requires you to risk your money.


Football is commonly seen as the 2nd most common sport in India. However, players usually disagree. The audience may choose the second favorite, but the game is undeniably popular in the northeast, Kerala, Goa, and West Bengal. Due to the popularity of online betting throughout India, most online bookmakers now provide India-specific wagers. There are plenty of websites that enable wagering with Rupees and paying out in Rupees.

Football betting is a speculative and consequently, very tricky business. Unless you’re a compulsive gambler, you should generally stay away from it. Before researching the odds and drawing a conclusion, punters should investigate the teams and players, their prior performances, and previous meetings. Gamblers must also know their marketplaces. If a bookmaker offers a market that seems familiar from the match report, you should go check out the options and odds.


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