3 Popular Predictions for Future Technologies

As technology is evolving more, the predictions for the future of humanity increase too. We’ve experienced immense innovation over the last few decades, and this trend is not expected to stop. Many, in fact, believe that 2050 will be the climax of technology evolution. This date is meant to represent a period in which technology becomes so intelligent that humans don’t need to work anymore.

Undoubtedly, the world will look incrementally different thirty, twenty or even ten years from now. So, we as humans are curious beings. We like to make predictions about the future. For that reason, we are highlighting three of the most popular predictions in this article.

Human Cyborgs

The human-cyborg scenario is one of the most popular out there. It has been used in movies way before we had access to social media and widespread information. For that reason, the scenario of entities that are part human and part machine are not that unknown to us. However, the true ramifications of such a trend are not understood by most people yet.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that will be at the base of such a scenario. It is a rapidly evolving tech that is already influencing our lives in a considerable manner. In a future world where it would become more intelligent than us, tech heads would see this human evolution as the natural step forward. Artificial intelligence is an interesting filed of work and a number of individuals will be interested in taking up a career in AI. In order to further enhance the skills, one can take up artificial intelligence course in Pune or any other city in India online to land a high paying job

Such a thing would impact the whole faith of the human species, both positively but also negatively. We can only predict its impact by analyzing our current world. With wearable devices and screens surrounding us at all times, many consider that we’re already part-machine. Our current state, even if advantageous for certain things it hasn’t benefited us from all points of view.

However, being part machine means that you would be connected to the internet. Tasks such as information research, math or even game playing would be easily achievable while walking. This means that people would be able to play games from anywhere without the need for any additional devices.

Currently, games like the casino ones are accomplishing a similar result in certain setups but, not on the same scale. They are great for mobility since are quite easy to play but you still need an extra device. As part-cyborg, you’d be able to play Sizzling Hot from anywhere in the world, without needing a device but your mind. It sounds quite fun when you look at it this way.

Flying Cars

Cars that are flying is another scenario that has been used in Sci-Fiction movies and literature for decades. It is a future expectation that many people have, and it doesn’t seem that unreasonable. With highways being more crowded than ever, the traffic slow and inefficient, flying cars could fix some of those problems.

But, such tech comes with many issues. A flying car basically operates like a helicopter. It would be a helicopter from most points of view. Cars are already heavy-enough, and would only require huge jets. An increased weight would make them more difficult to fly, and quite inefficient.

Helicopters are also very loud and tend to make quite a sturdy wind blast when they land. Cars are already loud enough. It is often quite chaotic to live in the city, especially near the highways. Having a bunch of helicopters flying around you doesn’t sound too fun, nor quiet.

Although it’s quite a fun scenario to think about, flying cars don’t represent the most efficient way to fix our traffic problem.


The internet of things they call it. A network where everything is interconnected, from your fridge to your car, to your phone and maybe even to your couch. They would all have access to intelligent algorithms and the internet itself to search for answers and provide you with the most useful solutions to your issues.

If you ever run out of a specific product, your electronics could buy it straight from the shop and get it delivered through some futuristic drone. Such a system could save people lots of time while making everybody’s lives more comfortable. The best part, IoT is closer than we expect.


Technology has experienced massive growth over the years and it will continue to do so. When looking at the past, we can only expect the future to be even better. Under the same idea, the three technologies mentioned above are the most expected, by regular people, to see in the future.


Ajay Deep

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