Last Date for Free Windows 10 Update is 31st December | Hurry Before You Miss the Chance!

If you are among the people who are using the Microsoft’s accessibility feature and are looking forward to upgrading it to Windows 10, then 31st December 2017 is the last chance for you to do that for free. Windows 10 Free Update is going to end by 31st of this December. As per the media reports and the reliable sources, it has come to light that the facility of upgrading the system to Windows 10 was available for those who use accessibility feature only. For those who do not have the accessibility feature lost their chance of upgrading in the month of July itself.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Won’t Be Free After 31st December 2017

After 31st December 2017, Microsoft will stop the free upgrading feature for all the users who have accessibility feature. According to the reports of ZDNet on this Saturday, Microsoft is closing the window for free windows 10 update for everyone at the end of this December. Also, there has been no public announcement from the side of Microsoft regarding the same. It has been floating in the news that the accessibility upgrade that persisted beyond July is now going to end by the end of December.

Last Month Microsoft started to roll out some of the new features in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. These new features include the Easy Video Editing Feature, a Cloud-Powered Clipboard and On Demand One Drive Files.

This news has been floating around without any official statement from Microsoft. As per the Microsoft, the public announcement will be made prior to restraining the free upgrading for the accessibility users. The free updating facility for the Microsoft users to upgrade to Windows 10 will be over by end of December.

Microsoft will end the free upgrading facility by 31st December 2017 for accessibility users to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free. The continuous development of new features has been going on in Windows 10 and some of the interesting features have been added to the windows 10 version last month. These developments are supposed to carry on and the free upgrading to Windows 10 will be ending soon.

Windows 10 Free Update to End By 31st December 2017.

Source – NDTV


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