5 Career Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Online game lovers who have special skills in coding, software development, design, and conceptualisation have more reasons to rejoice. The gaming sector provides lots of career opportunities in the coming years.

As per reports, the Indian online gaming industry is going to grow by 40% annually, and by 2022, it would touch $2.8 billion. Especially in the COVID-19 scenario, playing video games on laptops, using online casino platforms, and downloading apps onto smartphones has become commonplace. 

In the lack of access to regular entertainment spots like cinemas, malls, parks, pubs, and more, the Indian population has been relying on the internet. While OTTs or on-demand video streaming sites may take a large chunk (Netflix is said to amount to 15%) out of the world data, gaming avenues are not far behind.

Speaking of the same, Suganthi, Project Manager of Lucky Raja said, “Indian gaming industry has grown tremendously. Given that many of the world’s top developers are directly invested in the products made available to Indian players, there is also a guarantee of trustworthiness. With many regulatory boards and licensing authorities across the globe backing the offerings and the use of secure encryption technologies, players feel completely at ease.”

The integration of blockchain technology into gaming also paved the way for companies to incorporate latest tools. Fantasy sites, live streaming, e-sports betting, and others are some of the most popular types of gaming in India. Many newest casino sites also allow enthusiastic internet users in the country to participate and win money in online amateur tournaments that are almost conducted every day – provided the state laws permit them. 

The government’s investment in the Digital India campaign, affordable smartphones, and the rising internet penetration in rural and remote locations are a few crucial reasons for the expansion of the Indian gaming market. Globally, the Asian gaming market is giving tough competition to the European and American regions, and India is on par with China, South Korea, and Japan.

Games for Every Player

Gaming is not just for one segment of people – students, housewives, job holders, and even programmers take a shine to it. While many view gaming as a way out of boredom, providing some fun and excitement, professional gamers indulge in it as a secondary or primary income source. 

They often review the new products launched in the market and the latest casino entrants. And in this competitive landscape, it is highly vital to stay on top using emerging technologies. 

Needless to say, such a massive interest generated among the public shows immense promise in boosting the economy. The industry should also cater to the increasing needs of takers, which is one way of saying that there are many vacancies to be filled by talented professionals. 

According to LuckyRaja, the best career opportunities in the gaming industry are:

  • Game Designer

Game designers also sometimes double up as a narrative designer, writer, conceptualiser, etc. This is the first stage of game development where designers will become the architects of a game and handle planning, setting, rule defining, character creation, and much more. These professionals do the initial market research, supervise the team, and coordinate with animators, sound engineers, producers, and programmers. 

  • Game Developer

Coders or programmers are the life fuel that runs the engine. They basically wear the hero’s cape and hide behind the scenes and ensure that players get the best gaming experiences. As a developer, you liaise with sound technicians, designers, producers, and artists and bring about the best version of the creative vision. 

  • Composer

The whole intrigue of an attractive game goes away if suitable music doesn’t accompany the visuals. Even though this career path is less heard of, a sound designer or composer is a crucial pillar of media production. In-game soundtracks like gunshots, siren screeches, birds chirping, and traffic can help the players connect to real-world-like scenarios and get immersed in the plot. Audio engineers or musicians create harmony throughout the gaming session with ambient and dynamic sound effects.

  • DevOps Engineer

For online multiplayer games, each individual plays their turn locally, which then gets consolidated through web services. Hosting a gaming site, ensuring the smooth functioning of web services, and maintaining the network and servers are the primary responsibilities of DevOps engineers. They collaborate with design, development, and operations professionals, which means a vast knowledge of the network infrastructure and coding skills are essential.

  • Game Tester

Beta testing in the video game industry is a necessary area that catches bugs, artistic flaws, design errors, and other glitches. Testers spend almost ten hours daily to detect errors and work closely with programmers. Before releasing the final product, a game goes through many developing and testing cycles, where programmers and testers work in tandem to remove all flaws.

Future of Gaming Professionals

Many may not have anticipated that their time sitting behind game consoles can also mark their entry towards a lucrative career path. The rising demand for skilled talent in this field is only about to grow further.


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