5 Cozy Essentials for Winter Home Decorating

October is the time that most people consider to be the start of fall. As people begin to decorate for Halloween, they also have to factor in decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since some change is already in the air, fall is an excellent time to redecorate the living room.  There are numerous ways to transform any living room from a boring room with minimal decorations to a cozy nook that you won’t want to leave all winter. 

Homes with a fireplace can turn the hearth into the focal point of the living room while homes without a fireplace can use items like sheepskin rugs to give a room a more relaxing feel.  Here are some options a homeowner can use to create a cozier living room.

You Can Never Have Too Many Candles

One of the easiest ways to create a more inviting environment in any room is to add a few candles.  It doesn’t matter if they are little tea lights, long tapered candles for use with a candelabra, large multi-wicked candles, or smaller scented candles that are encased in glass—a candle always looks great. 

Keeping a constant supply of candles on-hand is a great idea for any homeowner.  They will come in handy if power is ever lost. In addition, they can reduce electric bills by replacing the need for electric lights. As a bonus, scented ones are great for covering up any disagreeable smells.

Mood Lighting

Having great lighting goes hand in hand with using candles.  Using low-wattage light bulbs that can be dimmed is an excellent way to create a relaxing mood.  The key is figuring out how much lighting is needed in order to read comfortably while being low enough to help any occupants be able to relax with ease. 

Mix It Up

Another great way to create an inviting cozy space is using different textiles.  Interior decorators believe that using mixed materials in a room automatically creates a warm environment. 

A simple way to remember this principle is to use raw wood, treated wood, some type of metal and a polished rock of some sort like marble.  This use of natural materials fosters a sense of connection to the physical world, which helps with relaxation.

Cozy Textiles

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having a cozy living room is being able to curl up under a blanket and relax in the room.  A great way to achieve this is by using textiles that will make someone want to curl up with it.  Throw rugs and plush microfiber blankets are inexpensive ways to make sure there is something close at hand to curl up with. 

Other ways to pull this off would be having several different area rugs all about the floor.  Maybe a small faux Persian rug can be accented with soft sheepskin blanket to help keep feet warm. A large hand knitted blanket is perfect for draping over the back of a sofa.

Handheld Entertainment

Some families use the living room as a place to gather and enjoy one another’s company. Other families use this room to watch television.  If the room’s main function is for watching television, then having all the home entertainments devices will typically be located by the T.V. 

If this room is being used for other purposes though, it is a great idea to keep a wide selection of magazines, newspapers, and books for guests to enjoy.  Not only will books lend an air of intelligence and creativity to the homeowner, but they also provide a way for anyone using this room to have something enjoyable to occupy their time.

The living room is one of those communal areas meant for people to gather in.  Some say the hearth is the heart of a home. It is the ideal room for celebrating holidays, so there are always memories associated with this room in the house.  Adding some simple flourishes will help turn even the most boring room into that perfect space for relaxing with a book and a hot beverage this winter.


Navkiran Deora

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