5 Features KENT CamEye Boasts of as The Best Location Tracker in India

With increasing risks on the roads, your concerns about the security of your car increase too. There have been numerous events of road rage due to over speeding or rash driving in the past, which verifies that a mere location tracker isn’t sufficient. With advanced threats like this and more, you need advance devices installed in your vehicle that will help you tackle them.

This is where KENT CamEye comes into play. It is the next generation car security solution that provides you with cutting edge features in a single device. It is not only a location tracking device but uses intelligent technology to safeguard your car as well as your loved ones. 

Let’s look at why KENT CamEye is the best location tracker in India.

  • Offers Geo-Fencing

KENT CamEye offers a geofencing feature that defines a virtual boundary around areas like warehouses, schools, markets, and more by creating GPS points. In doing so, whenever your car goes out of this radius, KENT CamEye sends you an alert. You can be sure about the safety of your loved ones by creating a virtual range. This helps especially in situations when your chauffeur driven car takes an intentional or accidental detour.

  • Two-Way Calling

When you are unable to get in contact with your chauffeur or your loved ones through the phone, this feature comes handy. With live video streaming, two-way calling feature comes with a built-in mic and a speaker system for secure communication. With this feature, you can also rectify your driver without distracting them from the road.

This innovative feature is helpful in many situations, such as when the driver is smoking in the car or sleeping with the AC on. You can directly speak from the app into the KENT CamEye device and talk with the driver about the inappropriate behavior.

  • Monitors Real-Time Alerts

A location tracker is incomplete if it cannot provide real-time alerts to the user’s. KENT CamEye allows you to use various alerts to keep your car secure. Especially in the case when the vehicle is chauffeur-driven or driven by a teenager. You can monitor alerts such as AC turning on, over speeding, idle engine, an unknown driver behind the wheel, and a lot more.

The real-time alerts help decrease the mismanagement of the car. For instance, you would have often seen chauffeurs dozing off in the car with the AC on full blast. Not only can it be harmful to the car, as it costs you extra fuel but also a misuse of your property. KENT CamEye app will immediately alert the owner if the driver is using AC when the car is parked.

  1. Stream Live Video

KENT CamEye is equipped with a dual-camera setup that lets you record everything inside and outside of the car, whether the vehicle is in motion or it is parked. Along with these, KENT CamEye uploads everything on secure cloud storage on a real-time basis.

Not only this, the dual camera provides the feature of live streaming the video on multiple screens. You can provide access to the app to your loved ones. Furthermore, the app is available on both iOS and Android; it also has an easy interface, making it easy to use for everyone in the family. 

  • Tracks the Location

Ensuring the whereabouts of your vehicle becomes efficient with KENT CamEye. This is a useful feature to uplift the security of the car and your family members while on the road. During emergencies, like a breakdown, you can easily track the location of the car and provide assistance. In short, you can always keep an eye on your car when it is on move or even when it is parked in your garage. 

Having a location tracker in your vehicle is the need of the hour to step up your car security. So, book a demo today and witness the brilliance of the device first-hand. You can order KENT CamEye online from its official website and get it delivered straight to your doorsteps. Now you can say ciao to all your car worries! 


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