5 Fitness Apps Every Student Athlete Should Have on Their Phone

Students have multiple reasons to be engaged in sports during college. For some, it’s the desire to feel a sense of belonging and form connections with others through sports. Some view it as a way to enhance brain function and generally improve health. No matter what your reasons are – sport is always good for you. But if you want to achieve the best results, you need to track your progress.

With the abundance of various fitness apps on the market, finding the perfect one for you can sometimes be challenging. Maybe you need to keep track of calories burned. Or maybe you want to monitor your heart rate and elevation gain? Reading tons of reviews to find the advantages and disadvantages of each workout app can be a really daunting task. Luckily, you don’t have to do all that – because these are the 5 best fitness apps you’d better have on your phone.  

Nike Training Club (NTC)

Let’s start with something free first. Nike Training Club is extremely popular among people who want to enhance their strength and fitness at home with limited or no equipment. This app, which is available completely free of charge, offers an impressive selection of workout collections and a wide range of features that athletes at all levels of fitness find useful.

Apps like NTC are a huge help for students with heavy academic workload. If you constantly wonder “Where to find professional essay writers?”, you can always reach out to a trustworthy paper writing service. No more lack of time – have a research paper written by others! Now you have more time to check out more than 185 workouts by Nike’s Master Trainers. Besides, the duration of these workouts varies from 7 to 45 minutes, making them ideal for busy students.

Price: free

Platforms: iOS/Android

Stand-out features: 185 unique trainer-led workouts from Nike Trainers, great interface.

Map My Fitness

The Map My Fitness app by Under Armour is designed for various fitness areas, regardless of your skill level. The features this app offers will help you reach new heights and meet any of your fitness goals. Knowing that every person needs an individual approach, Map My Fitness has the option to create personalized training programs from a selection of over 800 featured exercises.

Under Armour trainers consistently introduce new workouts that you can add to your favorites list. You can track the load, sets, and reps for each workout. One of the advantages of this app is that it seamlessly syncs with other popular apps and wearable devices. That’s a good enhancement to your overall exercise experience. Plus, it allows you to connect with MyFitnessPal, which also gives you greater control over your nutrition.

Price: free

Platforms: iOS/Android

Stand-out features: great functionality to build personal workouts, vast exercise library.


Future is the app where certified coaches design personalized workout plans specifically for your training style. The app matches you with the coach based on your preferences and experience upon completing a simple quiz. Whether you go to the gym or exercise at home, Future’s coaches create workout routines based on the equipment you have access to. The pricing may be a bit high for an average student, but it’s worth every cent.

Individual sessions with a coach are great for students as they give you flexibility in managing your time. If you want to spend even more time exercising, but college tasks take up a lot of your time, feel free to use the best paper writing services. Why spend time on boring papers if you can invest it in improving yourself? Getting an extra session with one of the 88 experts after classes sounds better than writing papers for hours, doesn’t it?

Price: $149 per month, but you can try the first month for $19

Platforms: iOS/Android

Stand-out features: personalized flexible workouts, personal coaches, great for beginners.


If hitting the gym and pumping iron is not for you, but you love cycling and running – Strava may be the perfect pick for you. It provides a detailed analysis of your rides and connects you with friends and fellow cyclists while exploring new routes. The app allows you to track all the important metrics such as distance,speed, and calories burned during each ride or run.

After using Strava for some time, you’ll discover that it offers more than just performance analysis. It encourages competition by comparing your performance with other runners or cyclists and offers monthly challenges. It’s a good opportunity to test yourself in a friendly competition with others. Strava also syncs with a wide variety of devices like heart rate monitors and GPS watches. You can record your routes and activities on the Strava feed and share your progress with friends and followers.

Price: free

Platforms: iOS/Android

Stand-out features: a lot of segment challenges, friendly athletes’ network, and clubs based on shared interests


This is one of the best apps for runners on the market right now. Joggo offers training and meal plans for runners by taking into account their individual preferences, experience, and goals. Each workout session in the app has voice-guided instructions, which give you prompts and guidance as you run. The workouts include stretching, warm-up, and cool-down – every essential part of any training.

The app also has a great thing called the Knowledge section. This is a library of resources, full of valuable tips for beginners, insights on food and nutrition, and articles covering health and safety topics. The app offers relevant content based on your progress and goals. For those who are trying to lose some weight, Joggo has a weight-tracking feature to monitor your progress.

If you’re an aspiring student-athlete and you want to keep your grades high, yet achieve great results in sports, apps like Joggo will help you a lot. Because only by optimizing your training sessions, you’ll have enough time, resources, and desire to do both. 

Price: $33 for 2 months, $46 for 4, $66 for 6. 

Platforms: iOS/Android

Stand-out features: customized training, individual meal plans, great user experience


Whether you’re just starting your athletic journey or trying to enhance your performance, a workout app is a very useful thing. Hopefully, you’ll find something suitable for you out of these 5 fitness apps.


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