5 Ways Your Employees Could Unintentionally Compromise Your Business’s Cyber Security

What are the common threats to your cyber business security as the owner? Well, you are most probably going to name humans which is a pretty good answer because cybersecurity is mostly compromised by hackers or bitter insiders who are, of course, human beings. However, it has come to light that humans sometimes compromise cybersecurity unknowingly. They may do this through unintentional mistakes. 

The following are ways through which your cybersecurity can unintentionally be compromised and ways through which you can mitigate these mistakes.

  • The use of personal devices 

Bringing your device to work by employees is causing a major challenge to businesses cybersecurity. Bring-your-own-device (BYOB) is a challenge because most employees use their devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops to access sensitive business emails and other information. The problem lies in the fact that these personal devices are not secured by any antivirus software and they are not easily audited and monitored by the IT team like business devices. 

Employees will use their own devices to download provisional applications and also visit questionable websites something that will bring a significant threat to business information contained on their phones.

  • Surfing the web

Most of the popular and reputable websites will often fall prey of cybercriminals. These criminals are often out looking for ways to compromise these websites, and employees need to be very careful when surfing the web. They should be taught the danger that comes with surfing the net and also the threat that comes with it when they share personal business information with these sites. Employees should make sure that the sites they visit have a padlock displayed meaning the site is encrypted. 

Most cybercriminals compromise sites that employees are most likely to visit something known as watering hole attacks. For example, if you are an employee that enjoys playing at online casino sites like Jeetwin, you need to be careful to avoid being compromised. 

  • Downloading of unsafe content

Downloading of files and applications may sometimes introduce vulnerabilities because they may contain malware. Thus, employees are advised to be very careful when they decide to download such files and applications using their employer’s computers. Open-source software is mostly at risk of being compromised since it is the one that is often used and the owners do not take a keen interest in cybersecurity.

  • Poor Password security 

Use of strong passwords is an area that has been once and again been emphasized by employers. It is also an area which has been constantly ignored by employees. Most of the time, employers may think that employees are ignorant or lazy, but this is often not always the case. Sometimes the blame lies on employers themselves. They encourage employees to share their credentials as a way of reducing the need to buy more licenses for their software. 

  • Use of public Wi-Fi hotspots 

Wi-fi is important because it eases your work and helps you send and receive important company information via email or other online platforms. They can also easily access the company files and information. Public wi-fi helps you work while on the go but also poses a strong cybersecurity issue. Most of the cybercriminals use public wi-fi domains to access important files and information and also use it to distribute malware. 

Mitigating employee security risks

It is easy and also possible to eradicate these cybersecurity issues posed by company employees. You can do this through continuously training your staff on how to maintain good cyber hygiene. They can also be taught to easily detect phishing scams. As a business, you can also take measures from your end by monitoring their networks and endpoints. Employers can outsource a managed detection system and a good response service that can be on the lookout 24/7.


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