7th Pay commission | It is Finally The End of Pay Commission System – What Next?

7th Pay commission might be the last pay commission appointed by the country. Since the independence of the country, the monitoring of the central government employees salaries has been appointed to the Pay commission department. Since the independence of the country, there has been seven pay commission formulated so far. According to the latest word from some of the reliable sources, 7th Pay commission is going to be the last pay commission. The 1st Pay commission was formulated in the year of 1946 and since then seven pay commissions have served the needs of the Central government employees and government pensioners.

Pay Commission will no longer be Responsible for Salaries of Employees | 7th Pay commission, The Last CPC

After entrusting pay commissions forever now, the government is planning to abolish the concept of pay commission to handle the salaries of the CG employees and pensions of pensioners. Recently, the sources from the financial department of the government have hinted on their plan to demolish the Pay commission and making 7th Pay commission the last pay commission entertained by the country.

Central government employees have always trusted the Pay commission to formulate the best salary structure and now that the pay commission will no longer be responsible for the construction and reviewing of the salaries, Central government employees are in the state of confusion. The year 2017 has been a really hard year for the financial department of the country. With several changes ongoing at every financial front of the country, the decision of ending the Pay commission system has also been hinted.

7th Pay commission was formulated by the approval of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the year 2013 and was given the responsibility to monitor the salaries of the government employees and pensioners. Since, 1946 the Pay commissions hold the power of administering the salaries of government employees and now after the hint of 7th pay commission being the last pay commission, all the CG employees are curious to know what is the new system that government is planning on deploying for the same. Along with the hints of the end of Pay commissions, there are several hints that point that the Department of Expenditure will be responsible to handle the salaries after the Pay commissions dismissal.

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