7th Pay Commission | 8,00,000 College Teachers & Staff To Get A Wage Hike Of 28%

Last implemented in the year 2006, the decision for the new pay hike for teachers and staff of all the centre and state operated colleges of India has been finally rolled out today. And boy has it rolled out! The pay hike under the 7th Pay Commission of India that the teachers and the other staff will be getting ranges from 22% to 28%. After a long wait and years of agitation getting such a hefty pay rise can be rightly considered as “better late than never”. The Union Cabinet is still looking forward to UGCs recommendation over the issue which is most likely to get a nod.

Pay Hike Finally!

Yes! That what the 8,00,000 college teachers and staff would be rejoicing upon. Threatening to go on intensive strike different teachers’ associations of colleges and universities the central government finally decided to go with the 7th Pay Commission recommendation after much delay. Meanwhile, as the decision of giving increments have been rolled out the Human Resourced Department Ministry still has to make a resolution on allowances which will hopefully be made soon.

Let’s see how will the pay hike affect the past pays of the professors in the centre and state operated colleges. Historically the pays of the college teachers were this way according to their designations after the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission:

  • Assistant Professor (I) – Rs 47,304
  • Assistant Professor (II) – Rs 56,480
  • Associate Professor – Rs 1,07,748
  • Professor – Rs 1,44,200
  • Vice Chancellor – Rs 1,75,200

After the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission the pays are now this way:

  • Assistant Professor (I) – Rs 57,700 (pay hike by 22%)
  • Assistant Professor (II) – Rs 68,900 (pay hike by 22%)
  • Associate Professor – Rs 1,31,400 (pay hike by 22%)
  • Professor – Rs 1,44,200 (pay hike by 24%)
  • Vice Chancellor – Rs 2,25,000 (pay hike by 28%)

Teachers & Staff That Will Be Benefited

The professors and staff belonging to state and centre run colleges and Universities will be benefited from the new pay revision of the. Along with them the pay rise will affect centrally funded technical institutions and central universities like NITs, IITs etc. A separate panel will be set up for the pay hike arrangements for the technical institutions and they will have follow a different pay structure along with the 7th Pay Commission. The Centre and State will share the burden of 70,000 crore together following the recent pay rise for almost three years.

Source: HT


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