Journey of 7th Pay Commission to End soon | Government Employees No Longer to Wait For 10 Years for Increment

7th Pay commission is the seventh pay commission that is appointed by the government to revise the salaries of the central government employees. Since the independence, the responsibility of revising the salaries of the employees is assigned to 7th Pay commission. According to the ongoing system of salary revision in the country, the salaries of the central government employees are revised after every 10 years.

Till date, seven pay commissions have been appointed by the government for the revision of the salaries and pensions for the central government employees and pensioners. As per the existing salary revision system, the pay commission is given the duration of 18 months from its appointment to present the recommendations. Recently, 7th Pay commission has recommended the revision of the minimum pay of the central government from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 21,000.

7th Pay commission | Seven Pay commissions Formed Since Independence

Since the independence of the country, the pay commission has been handling the revision of the country’s pay matrix. It is now that in total seven of the pay commissions have surfaced in the country. The first pay commission was formed in 1947 and now, there are rumors that the system of pay commission is going to be demolished after 2017. Employees have always look up to the pay commission with a hope of increment, now the system is going to change.

No More Pay Commission after 7th Pay Commission?

Since independence, the system of pay commission has been working and now under the rule of Modi Sarkar, this might come to an end. Till date, the salaries of the government employees were reviewed after every 10 years. Modi Sarkar is planning to change that. According to some of the sources, Modi Sarkar is planning to begin the system to revise the salaries of the government employees every year.

This responsibility will no longer be of the Pay Commission. According to the same sources, the responsibility of monitoring the CG employees salaries and pensions of pensioners will be given to the department of expenditure. Maybe from next year government employees will not have to wait for 10 years for increment. This news is not officialized yet.


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