After 7th Pay Commission Salaries to be Revised Annually | Diversion for No Pay hike This Year?

The struggle of the 7th Pay commission to go in vain if the decision of no minimum pay hike is finalized by the government. It has been 4-5 months now that the decision on incrementing the pay scale of central government employees under 7th Pay commission recommendation is dragged on by the financial department of government. Instead of taking a decision on the existing matter the government is spreading the words of the new system of pay revision to be installed in the country. Thinking on the news that has come up since the 7th Pay commission recommended for pay increment of CG employees, employees frustrations are turning high. The employees have been saying that there was no need of changing the system until the pending decisions are made.

Employee Union Under Impression that Government is Diverting the matter of Minimum Pay Hike Under 7th Pay Commission 

7th Pay commission has recommended the union cabinet to increment the minimum pay of the Central Government employees from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 21,000 a few months back. After the recommendation was put forth the government they promised to review the matter and were willing to take a decision in favor of the recommendation, giving the light of hope to Lakhs of Central government employees. It was in the month of October when the NAC (National Anomaly Committee) was supposed to meet to formulate the report on the 7th Pay commission recommendations.

This report was supposed to be presented in front of Union Cabinet by NAC. And now is December and the decision is still not made. Instead of working on the recommendations that are pending the government is known to be working on the decision of ending pay commission system from the country to avail the facility of pay revision every year instead of after 10 years.

Many central employees are under impression that the implementation of the new pay revision system is a mere distraction that government is using to cover up their incapability of taking a decision on 7th Pay commission recommendation. When asked by some reliable media sources, Employees working in government said that there is no need of building a new policy when the existing system of pay commission is floundering in controversy. The delay in the decision of the government on updating the pay matrix has gassed up anger and disappointment among the central government employees.

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