7th Pay Commission | The Expense of coming Elections of 2019 Might delay the basic pay hike

There has been word around the media that the government is planning to prepone the planned elections of 2019. On account of these elections, there have been rumors that Mr. Narendra Modi is planning to grant the awaited minimum pay hike recommended by 7th pay commission.

Where half the media reports suggest that the basic pay as per the 7th CPC will be announced on this Independence day while the other half suggest that the extra expense accounted for the coming elections will put a halt on the decision of basic pay hike. We hardly know which of these news is actually true. But as per recent scenario both the news are floating around the media and no confirmation on either of these have been made.

Media Reports suggesting minimum pay hike

As mentioned before, half of the media is mumbelling around suggesting that Mr. Narendra Modi is planning to make an announcement in favor of minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission on the auspicious occasion of Independence day. Media reports also says that P.M is planning to make this announcement from the top of the Red Fort during the celebration. This news has brought back the light of hope in the eyes of those 50 Lakh employees who have been desperately waiting for the verdict of the government over the issue of the minimum pay hike.

The Other news running around the media regarding basic pay hike under 7th CPC               

While half of the media has brought back the joy of hope among the employees, there the other half has mentioned that there is no scope for the basic pay hike under the 7th pay commission to be implemented. With the elections approaching a huge expenditure is already on the government and it is not feasible for the government to actually implement the suggested pay hike for the central government employees.

In conclusion, there is no certainty still on the matter of the minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission. All the words spreading around the corners of the media has no sufficient backing from the government. The government is still pretty much under silence regarding this matter.


Vaishali Sonik

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