7th Pay Commission Update: Rise in Minimum Pay to Be Delayed

Since 2016, All the CG employees have been waiting for the minimum hike in salary and the fitment factor beyond the 7th CPC or 7th pay commission. All the Central Government employees are hopeful that the Government will approve the minimum pay hike and the fitment factor beyond the 7 CPC. The decision or the approval on the minimum pay hike seems like to be delayed.

In June – July 2016, the government approved the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission on the hike in Salary and hike in allowances. The 7th CPC 14.27% hike in basic pay had recommended which is the lowest in the 70 years. This recommendation has increased the minimum pay from Rs.7000 to Rs. 18,000 per mnth. But the Central Government employees have been asking to increase the minimum pay to Rs.26000 which is 8000 more than the recommended pay hike and the fitment factor 3.68 times.

7th Pay Commission Decision

The basic minimum pay hike and fitment factor decision beyond the 7th pay commission recommendation have been delayed further because the government wants to constitute a high-level committee for this. According to the recent media reports, the government will form a high-level committee under which the government will discuss and fix the new pay structure. This new high-level committee will give the final report on the minimum salary hike in the six months. The high-level committee has not been formed.

A bill in Lok Sabha has been passed on Thursday and this bill is regarding the hike in salaries of the Judges of High Court and Supreme Court. This bill is in accordance with the parameter of the seventh pay commission. As per the report, there is a chance that the implementation in the minimum hike in the pay may further get delayed. One of the reasons behind this move is speculated that the delay in the implementation of the 7th pay commission is to save government’s fund. The announcement of higher minimum pay will add a financial burden on the government and at present, it appears, that the delay will save the money.

One of the reports also mentions that the government intentionally delayed the hike in minimum pay. This move saved nearly 26,000 crores, that was to be given to the government servants. The government may further postpone the implementation of the higher minimum pay to save more funds.

Source – India



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