Woah! 86.77 Million People in India Subscribed To 4G | TRAI Survey

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI has recently floated the total number of 4G subscribers in India in the year 2016 on the internet. And it is 86.77 million subscribers! The 4G internet had its moment in the 2016 and was a rage among the people of India. Telecom company that garnered the highest number of 4G subscribers in the country in 2016 was Reliance Jio, with around 72.16 million subscribers. Taking cities into consideration, Maharashtra had the most 4G users in the entire nation as compared to other cities.

The Rise of 4G Internet

The year 2016 saw the dawn of 4G Internet and took India by storm by claiming itself to be the fastest internet service of the country. Fascinated by intense promotions and TV ads people quickly took up the 4G internet services. Famous telecom service providers of India like Reliance, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone left no opportunity to promote their 4G services among people. The companies offered competitive plans on its 4G internet services and introduced prices that suited everyone’s budget.

Increase In The Internet Users  

A device is quickly designated as a box if it does not have internet access in today’s time. Look at yourself and you will find people busy on their instruments probably on WatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or whatever but they will be on the internet for sure. Every single thing on our devices runs through the internet and there’s no escaping from the web. And the 2016 survey of TRAI has made even clearer that people are getting internet connections quite rapidly in India. According to the survey:

  • Total no. of internet users has increased to 391.50 million from 331.66 million
  • 2016 saw a growth rate of 18.04 in internet subscribers
  • Wired internet subscribers increased to 21.51 million from 19.98 million
  • Broadband subscribers increased to 370 million from 311.68
  • Wireless-Internet subscribers increased upto 370 million almost 18.71%
  • Narrowband subscribers declined to 155.41 million
  • The top five service areas in the country were:
  • Maharashtra-32.6 million
  • Tamil Nadu-30.72 million
  • Andhra Pradesh-30.15 million
  • UP- 25.74 million
  • Karnataka-25.48 million
  • In terms of market share:
  • Bharti Airtel holds 22.38% share in wireless internet
  • And has 82.709 million users
  • BSNL holds 61.13% share in the wired internet circle
  • And has 13.15 million users

Source: TelecomLead


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