918kg Khichdi Dish Gets India Guinness World Record | Recipe, Chef and More…

India has entered Guinness World Records by cooking over 918kg khichdi dish. Yes, that’s true, our country has set a world record by preparing around 918kg khichdi dish and has successfully entered the Guinness book of World Records.
Over 918 kg khichdi was cooked at the World Food India event in Delhi. The move was aimed to promote the khichdi dish as Brand India superfood. The khichdi that helped India set the Guinness World Record was prepared using multigrains such as rice, coarse cereals, pulses and vegetables.

India sets Guinness World Record with 918kg Khichdi dish 

India has set a world record by cooking around 918kg khichdi. Khichdi is a traditional dish from the South Asia which is considered a complete nutritious food. Khichdi which is traditionally made from rice and dal (lentils) has got India a world record.

The traditional dish, Khichadi, was made at the World Food India event in Delhi that secured Khichadi’s place in the Guinness book of World Records. It was reported that the khichadi was prepared by celebrity chefs in the presence of other important dignitaries. The report also mentions that the khichdi that was prepared during the World Food India event in Delhi was distributed among orphans and at a Gurudwara to around 60,000 devotees.

Team of chefs who made the record-setter khichadi

The aim behind cooking the nutrition-rich khichdi was to promote the khichdi dish as a ‘Brand India’ food not only in the domestic but in the international market as well.

The khichadi dish was prepared using pulses, rice, coarse cereals and some vegetables. Preparation of making the khichadi was supervised by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Other leading chefs who assisted in making the khichadi included Imtiaz Qureshi, Sudhir Sibal, Ranveer Brar, Rakesh Sethi, Satish Gowda and Akshay Nayyar.

This is how the khichadi was made 

The team of cooks and chefs who cooked the record-setter khichadi was led by renowned celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The traditional khichdi dish was cooked as an effort to enter the Guinness World Records and the move was aimed at promoting the khichadi dish as Brand India superfood.

Yoga guru – Baba Ramdev who is also known for the ayurvedic brand Patanjali Ayurved put the ‘tadka’ in the khichadi. A giant wok weighing around 1,200 kg was used to cook the traditional dish. Before setting the world record, khichadi was steam-cooked in the wok.

Preparing the mega khichdi was a part of the global event ‘Great Indian Food Street’. Traditional food from more than 20 states had been featured at the event.

Source: Times of India


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