A Complete Guide Covering The Luckiest Indian Lottery Winners

The lottery has been India’s most favorite pastime for a long while. On the other hand, online lotteries are something recent that has gathered a lot of Indian attention. There have been a lot of Indian lottery winners who have paved a way of hope for the common man.

If you are still thinking about joining lottery sites or other local lottery places. Here are some people who won the lottery, along with some tips to help you out:

Kerala man who won crores

Porunnan Rajan was working as a rubber tapper in Kerala. He had several debts due, including three loans. All his loans came up to be 7 Lakhs. While on his way to the bank to ask for a fourth loan, he decided to buy a lottery ticket from a vendor. It was this ticket that changed Rajan’s destiny and turned his life around.

When the results came out, he realized that he had won the Christmas-New York Jackpot. He won 12 crores from a 300 Rupees ticket. He used the money to buy a large apartment. After the tax deductions, his total winnings came to be 7.2 Crore. 

It is safe to say; his children will have a better future now, along with the rest of his family. Rajan also expressed his wish to help the ones in need as he knew how it felt to live in debt. 

The lucky doctor duo

Ashok and Kirti Patel, living in Mumbai, had never considered buying a lottery, let alone winning a jackpot. The husband and wife stumbled upon an old man selling lottery tickets. To help with his burden of poverty and old age, the couple decided to buy two tickets. 

They decided to check for results at the end of the week casually and found they have won 8 Crore. The money helped them to buy a flat in Bandra and secure a safe future for their children. The couple was highly religious, so they decided to donate a part of their earnings to sacred places of India. The couple has been one of India’s biggest jackpot winners.

The Indian New Yorker millionaire 

Mr. Nand Lal Mangal used to work at a construction site in New York. Coming from an Indian background, Mr. Mangal was a lottery enthusiast who frequently played. On September 27, it was announced that he had won $245.6 million. He bought the ticket from a Powerball drawing. 

The man decided to keep his wealth a secret and remained as humble as he used to be. When asked, he expressed he wanted to use the money to travel the world as it has been his lifelong wish. He especially wanted to visit Hawaii. Besides, he received the money on behalf of the Sea and Sand trust. Mangal is, indeed, one of the biggest Indian Lottery Winners

The man who won thrice

RP Manoharan is the only Indian who has won the lottery thrice. He worked at the Kerala electricity board before his retirement. The first time he won, he was 60 years old and won 65 Lakhs. The other two times, he won 70 Lakhs each.

Manoharan used this money to invest in his business, save up, and renovate his house. The man claimed that lotteries have always had his interest and that he had been playing them since 2009. He won his first lottery in 2016. Manoharan played lotteries frequently and even said that it cost him a lot. 

However, in the end, it all paid back. Thus, his practice has helped him learn a lot and earn a lot as well. Many people even approached Manoharan to choose lottery tickets for them as he was considered one of the luckiest men.

Some lottery tips to increase the odds

Whether you are someone beginning with lottery or an avid player, these tips will help you out as they come from experts.

  • Buy more tickets as it increases your chances of winning.
  • Do not choose a consecutive list of numbers.
  • Form a lottery pool to buy more and win more
  • Play unpopular games at odd hours 
  • Do not select birthdays as numbers
  • Choose reliable online sites
  • Do not forget to keep a check of results
  • Learn from every time you play
  • Do not forget to check for results


Although these tips can increase your chances of winning, lotteries are still mainly based on luck. In a way, most of the biggest Indian lottery winners have the luck to back them up and won all these lotteries accidentally. 

So, listen to what your conscience tells you and focus on these tips. Don’t forget to check the results once you’ve bought the lottery. Maybe you will win a hundred, or perhaps you will win a million. The thing is, you won’t find out if you don’t try.


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