Adding the Charm of Roses to your Relationship

Flowers make a perfect surprise gift for all of us. There can be no other gift that can provide immediate happiness. Amongst all flowers, roses are considered the king. Roses are connected with creativity, joy, and compassion. What is it in roses that make your partner desire ‘Send to me white and red roses’?

Long-lasting and easy in taking care, roses have a unique charm and the quality to impress anyone with its presence. Are you secretly developing love interest in someone? Trust us; your partner quietly craves ‘send to me white and red roses.’ Flowers work well to convey your feelings in an amazing way. 

Roses in mythology

In Greek mythology, roses were affiliated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The rose bushes grew from the ground with the tears of blood that fell from Aphrodite. These were for her lover Adonis. The Romans turned Aphrodite into their goddess Venus who considered rose as the symbol of love and beauty. Hence roses remain the apparent choice for gifts for the ones in love.

Hence this concept of assigning symbolic meaning to flowers and roses, in particular, started in ancient times and evolved with time. We have always communicated our love through the language of flowers, and it seems we are living in times when it has peaked. Today there are sorts of dictionaries that have emerged based on the color of roses. Generally considered a symbol of love, the different shades have their own meanings.

Red Roses

Symbol of beauty, red roses boldly declare your love. Communicating devotion and loyalty in the relationship, it reaffirms the faith in the power and magic called love. Red roses go beyond romantic contexts to express gratitude as well.

Red roses are the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day. These flowers also form a prominent part of the bridal bouquet. While one may say that context is everything, however, it does not go with red roses. Even for anniversaries and birthdays, these beautiful red roses are the perfect gifts. Red roses serve the purpose well even for non-romantic occasions like applauding a stage performance or congratulating a significant accomplishment.

White Roses

With white roses, there are a variety of symbolic associations. Christians also associate it with the Virgin Mary. Roses of this color convey innocence and purity along with spirituality and reverence. In the Victorian-era it was considered that deeper is the color of the rose, more profound is the passion. Hence, a pretty young girl or a woman is the ideal for gifting white roses.

A conventional wedding flower, white roses symbolize deep love. For religious occasions and even funerals, yellow roses are ideal for conveying your thoughts.

 Talking of a bouquet with a mix of red and white roses, it signifies a love that is full of honor and dignity. It expresses your feelings intensely and with innocence. The beauty and perfection of these roses never go unnoticed.


Ajay Deep

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