AIB Founder Tanmay Bhatt Roasted & Trolled over Controversial Meme on PM Modi

AIB founded by Comedian Tanmay Bhatt draws criticism from the entire nation on trolling PM Modi recently. Inviting wrath of many from all corners of India on posting a controversial meme with a ‘dog filter’ on PM Modi’s picture, Tanmay Bhatt, the founder of the most famous comedy platform AIB is the talk of the nation already. The virtual world created by the Social Media has roasted AIB which had the pioneered to bring ‘Roast’ factor to India even before people knew what it was all about!

AIB Criticised, Tanmay Bhatt Booked for Trolling PM Modi

AIB has always been controversy’s favourite child no matter how efficiently or diligently the ones working for it go about it. On one hand, there are many followers and admirers of AIB for the bold comedy and blunt reviews in a brutally honest platter they serve on the most crucial topics ranging from politics to economics to current issues that haunt our nation in the most satirical possible way. Meanwhile, on the other hand from most influential faces of India of B-Town to top politicians find the forum quite insulting to the sentiments of people for mocking the sentiments of many.

Not even leaving the honorable PM Modi, AIB trolled him over his travel spree by putting up the most famous ‘dog filter’ that snapchat provides in its application to the users, which apparently Tanmay Bhatt, the founder of comedy forum AIB, posted it online

AIB, Controversy’s Favourite Child | Timeline

Bringing forth the timeline of all the controversies that engulfed AIB, take a look at the events back to back.

  • The first ever controversy involved using cuss words and foul language at a public event organized by AIB which roasted Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor together in front of the entire elite crowd of B-Town
  • AIB thereafter had taken down the videos and clipping of the event from youtube when legal actions were taken and complaints filed against the entire crew and organizers of the event along with AIB
  • Not halting at this, AIB went to make a viral spoof with Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar in it, trolling them real bad which had made fans of both the respected public figures go mad at them
  • The sexual harassment case on AIB with Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhatt’s colleague which was later claimed to be a hoax
  • Tanmay Bhatt once again ‘mansplained’ Anupama Chopra via AIB video
  • Last but not the least, the most intolerant of all when Tanmay Bhatt via AIB trolled PM Modi with a snapchat ‘dog filter’ crossed all boundaries of criticism borne by them

Well, on a complaint of local, Mumbai Police had sent the case to Cyber police wherein Tanmay Bhatt has been booked for the latest AIB post of trolling PM Modi on grounds of obscenity, criminal and defamation case. What next? Let us wait and watch, what more controversial stuff AIB sees itself getting entangled further in.

Source: TOI

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