Airtel Revises its 349 Plan With Unlimited Calls, 4G Data & Free SMS | Here’s How it Compares to Jio 4G Plans

To counter Reliance Jio 4G plans, Airtel is continuously launching new and different plans to attract users. This time Airtel has revised Airtel 349 plan. Now the Airtel 349 plan comes with unlimited outgoing roaming calls. Earlier there are free incoming roaming calls on the plan but now Airtel has made all roaming outgoing calls free in its 349 pack. This move by Airtel makes its monthly plan almost similar to the Jio unlimited plan 399. Here are the full details of Airtel 349 plan. Check it out.

Airtel 349 Plan Details – Unlimited Calls + 100 SMS/Day + 28GB 4G Data

The Airtel 349 is a monthly plan of Airtel. The 349 plan of Airtel comes with free outgoing calls to anywhere in India. There are free incoming roaming calls and outgoing calls in Airtel 349 plan. Earlier in 349 plan of Airtel, there are no free outgoing roaming calls. The updated plan 349 of Airtel now comes with 100 SMS per day.

Earlier there were no free SMS in the Airtel 349 plan. Apart from calling, the Airtel plan also comes with free 28GB high-speed 4G data. The daily limit of usage of 4G data in Airtel 349 plan is 1GB. After the usage, the internet stops. The validity of Airtel 349 plan is 28 days. This is the best monthly plan of Airtel. You can avail the offer from My Airtel App.

Airtel 349 Plan Vs Jio 309 Plan

If we compare the 309 plan of Jio with the 349 plan of Airtel, then Jio plan is best only in case of validity. Rest all is same. The 309 plan of Jio comes with unlimited calling. The unlimited calling includes outgoing roaming calls. Jio is giving unlimited SMS in its 309 plan and 49GB data. The data is unlimited but the daily high-speed data limit is 1GB. After the high-speed data usage, the speed revised to 64 kbps.

The validity of the 349 plan of Jio is 49 days. Now moving to the Airtel 349 plan, the plan comes with all same benefits like the Jio 309 plan except the unlimited data usage. Airtel is also offering free outgoing SMS with the daily limit of 100 SMS and free outgoing calls too. Jio doesn’t have a monthly plan that comes with 28GB data. Jio has a monthly plan of 149. The 149 plan of Jio gives 28 days validity with 4.2GB data usage at full speed.

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