Airtel Beats Reliance Jio in 4G Speed Test By A Huge Margin | Check New Results

Airtel 4G speeds have managed to top OpenSignal’s 3G and 4G speed tests for the second time. The tests were conducted six months ago which resulted in Bharti Airtel’s lead over the other networks including JIO. This year again Airtel topped the speed tests leaving behind all competitors like JIO, Idea and Vodafone.

Airtel 4G speed test resulted in average speeds of 9.2 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps on 3G connectivity. The news is not all good though as the average speeds have gone down from 11Mbps six months ago.

The tests were conducted in a wide region including the states of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Haryana, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The report analysed over 7 lakh mobile devices of JIO and other networks across India.

Why Airtel 4G’s good news isn’t all bad for JIO though?

JIO and Bharti Airtel have been head to head in terms of customer base since JIO’s launch last year. The rest of the competitors feel like they have given up against JIO but Airtel has still maintained the customer base by keeping the competition tough. Although the Airtel telecom might have won in terms of 3G and 4G speed tests the results also showed that the availability of Airtel LTE network is considerably low as to that of JIO.

While the speeds of Airtel have reduced as opposed to its own speeds six months ago, JIO has seen a dramatic rise in its own 4G speed. The results also shed light on the superior 4G availability of JIO which drove it to the top of overall speed rankings against Airtel. This happened because along with the top speeds the availability of the network is also taken into consideration at OpenSignal’s speed tests.

Operators with lower LTE coverage like Idea and Vodafone had lower overall results because most of their users were stuck on 3G networks. In comparison to that, the customers of JIO were able to get 4G LTE signal 95.6% more times than the other networks.

Competitors other than Airtel 4G and JIO:

JIO might have an upper hand when it comes to 4G availability in the country but other telecoms like Idea and Vodafone have seen a significant rise in the field as well. Although the speeds of all other major carriers which may have been a result of congestion in the network.

Source: Economic Times


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