Airtel, Jio, Vodafone & Idea Diwali Offers | Comparison of Best Recharge Deals

Diwali 2017 is just round the corner and Airtel, JIO, Vodafone and Idea have already gotten into a war of offers to lure the Indian customer. The time of Diwali 2017 for the Indian customer means a whole lot of offers and discounts in India. From Automobiles to electronics and textiles to travel every industry tries to lure the Indian customer by offering discounts and it seems like the major telecom companies like Airtel, JIO, Vodafone and Idea want to join the Diwali 2017 bandwagon as well.

Ever since JIO made its services almost free, there has been a major tectonic shift in the marketing strategies of companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. However, when that did not work the actual competition started to happen in the terms of price. By Diwali 2017 offers telecoms like Airtel are hoping to regain their lost market share to JIO.

Airtel Diwali 2017 Offer to rival JIO:

Airtel has further intensified its competition with JIO this Diwali 2017 by reducing the price of their 399 recharge to 199. The users will now have to pay 199 to get unlimited voice calls bundled with 1GB of data daily for 28 days.

Recharging your Airtel number this Diwali 2017 with 495 will get you the same 1GB per day and unlimited calls like JIO but with a validity of 84 days.

JIO Diwali 2017 offers against Airtel, Vodafone:

JIO is offering a slightly expensive 509 plan than Airtel. If you recharge your JIO number this Diwali with 509 Rupees you get 56 days of service with 2GB data per day. The unlimited calling is universal to all JIO plans.

The new reliance JIO 349 plan rivals Airtel by offering 1GB of data per day but offering the service for a longer period of time at 84 days.

Vodafone rivals Airtel and JIO on Diwali 2017:

Vodafone has gone a completely different route to rival its competitors this Diwali 2017 like Airtel and JIO. It offers an extra 10GB of data each month for six months if you get a new Vodafone conncetion that starts at 499 a month and already includes the 5GB data as standard.

Also if you opt for higher priced Vodafone Red packs like the 1299 or 1699 you get free 2 months subscription of Netflix which alone costs 500 a month. Netflix has partnered up with Vodafone and offers three months subscription in 1999 pack and a whole year on the 2999 Vodafone Red subscription.

Idea prices packs head to head with Airtel and JIO this Diwali 2017:

Idea has kept its pricing very similar to JIO and copies the same format of offers from Airtel. On recharging your Idea number with an amount of 495 this Diwali 2017 you get 1GB of data per day and a full 84 days of service.

Source: Financial Express


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