Akshay Kumar – Mallika Dua Spat | Know The Loopholes of The Ongoing Controversy

Mallika Dua who was one of the judges of Akshay Kumar ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ seems to be a lot upset over the superstar’s remark. Mallika Dua is a well-known Indian origin comic and the daughter of a popular journalist – Vinod Dua. After a rather inappropriate comment was passed on his daughter, Vinod Dua took to twitter to not only express his anger over the remark but also slammed actor Akshay Kumar on making use of such words.

Akshay Kumar remarks Mallika Dua | Fans Term It As ‘Unintentional’

Ironically, we belong to a country where idols of Goddess are idolized in one hand but womanhood is not celebrated. Also, any wrong committed by anyone against women is not brought to the needed light in the first place and if it is, then a proper action cum reaction chain is not recorded. In the much-hyped and highlighted controversy of superstar Akshay Kumar and comedian Mallika Dua, mixed reactions are being witnessed. Some people spoke in favour of the prevalence of ‘casual sexism’ in the television as well as the Bollywood industry whereas the people who came in support of actor Akshay Kumar said the remark made by him on one of the episodes of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ was not at all intentional.

Also, people who came out in support of actor Akshay Kumar in the currently going controversy pin pointed comedian Mallika Dua itself for raising objections on such a topic when she in the first place is well-known to portray some bold characters herself. Adding to it, another objection was raised as to why did Mallika Dua choose to keep mum in the first place and bring this topic to proper attention after she along with her co-judges of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ show supposedly were sacked from judging the show any further.

Akshay Kumar – Mallika Dua Controversy | What Is The Matter? 

In an episode of the comedy show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ which airs on Star Plus, Akshay Kumar quoted to Mallika Dua ‘aap bell bajao..mai apko bajata hun’. The episode on which this incident took place was not aired and the same thing was used by Mallika in her context of being silent. She added to her statement that the episode was leaked because of technical error’s from Star Plus’s side on which Akshay Kumar’s ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ airs.


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