Alcohol – Paul G & Karan Aujla – New Punjabi Song | Official Video

Paul G is here with Alcohol. Oopsss!  No, guys no party time here, Punjabi singer Paul G after his song ‘Bathinda to Miami’, is back with another hip hopping chart buster ‘Alcohol’ that has taken the digital world by stride and is trending on Youtube.

Known for including some of the exotic locations, cars and yes of course, soothing faces in the videos, Paul G’s latest song ‘Alcohol’ too offers some oomph and candy to the eyes. The video of the song Alcohol by Paul G & Karan Aujla starts with a girl in the bathtub chatting with someone who woos the girl while telling her that he has some surprise for her. The opening scene of song Alcohol also introduces the singer Paul G, Music composer Harj Nagra and the lyricist Karan Aujla.

Alcohol (Punjabi Song) – Paul G

The opening couplet introduces the title of the song ‘Alcohol’ as Paul G sings:

Red kappan wich peeli daaru balliye, lagda hai ik din maaru balliye

Which would mean ‘Yellow coloured alcohol in red cups, it is definitely going to kill some day sweetheart’.

The main line of the song is – Tere kolon hate jehi ho gayi aa rakane…

Hun aounda hai pyaar Alcohol te…

The girl in the song Alcohol by Paul G has been shown double crossing in the relationship and it appears she is equally involved in both the relationships. The pretty face, magnetizing scenes and of course, her sensuous attire keeps you glued to the video and you just don’t feel like missing a scene.

Alohol - Paul G

Song Title: Alcohol

Singer: Paul G

Music By: Harj Nagra

Lyrics By: Karan Aujla

Music Label: Rehaan Production

Paul G – Alcohol | Official Video

Paul G in Alcohol | Video

The video has been picturised very nicely wherein the lyrics and the cinematography beautifully justify the title of the song ‘Alcohol’. Singer Paul G declares that once cheated, Alcohol becomes your friend while concluding the couplet ‘Tere kolon hate jehi ho gayi ae rakane Hun aunda ae pyar alcohol te‘ which means I have started hating you girl now Alcohol is what I find love in…

The video is being received well in the digital domain and has crossed 1.5 lakh mark in just 2 days. Well, it does seem Alcohol makes you ‘Happy Hi’ when you are ‘Low’. We recommend do not make it a bad companion, feel happy and enjoy the blessing called life, after all everything happens for good!

Listen to mp3 of Alcohol by Paul G & Karan Aujla and watch the official video above.

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