All Exams Conducted By CBSE Like NEET, NET and JEE To Be Now Conducted Twice A Year By NTA

In what comes as a major change in the conduction of major Exams in India, the cabinet has approved the formation of a National Testing Agency (NTA) which will conduct all exams by CBSE online. The exams that were previously under the CBSE like the NEET, NET, and JEE will also be conducted twice a year now by NTA which will provide greater opportunities for students of India.

About the NTA which will conduct all major Indian exams including CBSE’s.

The NTA or the National Testing Agency of India will be set up as a society under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1986. A suitable educationist will take over the role of chairman while the director general will be the CEO of NTA. Academicians from 9 different verticals under the CBSE right now will be assisting the Director General of the NTA. The NTA will take the lead in conducting exams instead of CBSE by 2019.

A grant of 25 crores is given to make the NTA functional as of now which aims to be self-sustainable at a later date. The CBSE replacement agency for Exams in India will create a common ground for aptitude, intelligence and problem-solving skills of the student. NTA has also announced that it will work towards setting up exam centres in sub district areas for rural students.

Benefits of the formation of National Testing Agency to CBSE.

The CBSE a few months ago had told the government of India that it was impossible to conduct NET twice a year due to the burden of conducting nine other exams like JEE, NEET, and CTET among nine major examinations. To solve this the set up of NTA National Testing Agency will now conduct all these nine exams. This means that the exams that were held by CBSE once a year will be held twice a year by NTA and will open up double the opportunities to around 40 lakh students annually in India.

In coming year exams not only by the CBSE but the AICTE will be held by the NTA. An approximated 11 lakh students appear for CBSE’s JEE, NET, and NEET each annually.

Source: TimesNow

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