Amir Rashid Wani is One of the Youngest COVID Heroes in Our Country

In the year 2019, India got one of its youngest and most hardworking social activists: Amir Rashid Wani. He came forward to help the people of Kashmir who are living away from their homes and were in deep distress. They could not get in touch with their families for months because all the connecting ties were cut from Kashmir. In this situation, he, with a group of some people, started the Mooj Kosher Welfare Trust, which is a non-governmental, and non-profit organization.

His organisation is there to help all, but its main motive is to provide help to those kids who are deprived of getting proper education for one reason or the other. Amir Rashid Wani helps kids by providing them with stationeries, and books and by submitting their fees through the help of fundraisers. Donations for hospitals are being arranged through donations for medical care, chemotherapy, and other services free of charge.

Amir Rashid Wani was also one of those COVID-19 heroes who worked selflessly for the benefit of others by encouraging them to stay in and stay and save. He went door to door in many villages and made people aware of what COVID really is and how together we can fight it. He also distributed all the basic necessities, like masks and sanitisers. Besides that, he also helps the elderly by helping them get household supplies and medicine. There is no doubt in calling him a hero.

He was 17 years of age when he decided that he wanted to make a change in the world by doing something good for the people around him. He aspired to be a role model for our species’ youth. And he has surely succeeded in doing so. We need more and more people like Amir Rashid Wani.


Ajay Deep

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