Amit Makeovers: Chasing The Big Dream

We often see people being successful and wonder how that happened? Is it by the help of someone already successful or by just the sheer luck? In some cases both are right but mostly it is just because of constant hard work and dedication. Amit Kumar is one such person who got where he is, because of his dedication.

Born in the year 1986 Amit Kumar had quite a hard childhood but that never became a hurdle for him. He left out every other option for career and started to learn makeup art from quite a young age and later it came naturally to him as this is what he always wanted to do since childhood. Spending most of the year of his life in Jalandhar (Punjab), Amit Kumar has made his mark as a makeup artist. Coming from decent background Mr. Amit Kumar describe him successful in terms of owning a new house and his own salon.

The greatest achievement of life, as described by Mr. Amit Kumar is, “Receiving award from renowned Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen”. He is a long time fan of Ms. Sushmita sen and for Amit, It was like dream coming true. Amit Kumar like to travel, movies and love spending most time in doing his job. As far back as remember, Mr. Amit Kumar always wanted to be a makeup artist and aspire to be one of the best makeup artists in India. His ambition is to make his name known internationally too. Mr. Amit kumar is a shining example of people being successful in the area not conventional for everyone and he became successful because he went for the thing he loves the most.

Only time will tell, how far Mr. Amit Kumar will go but he already has his dream job which matters the most for anyone.


Ajay Deep

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