After Annabelle Creation: Here’s What Next Story of The Conjuring Series Will Be?

Annabelle Creation- the fourth part of The Conjuring has released worldwide, but it’s not the end of this series the next series of Conjuring is yet to come. After making people crazily scary with the Annabelle Creation, the team of The Conjuring series has lot more. The Conjuring makes the World meet with a Lil doll Annabelle, but the story of the doll continued till Annabelle 2.

As it has been said that the Annabelle 2 is the scariest of the Conjuring series, but the team has more stories in their mind to make the audience crazier. From just a doll to the scariest doll in the World, Annabelle left all mum.

Annabelle Creation & Its Story

The periodical horror drama movie Annabelle Creation has been set in 45-50s era, wherein a group of Orphan girls has been sent to a house to live in. There lies a closed door that has been locked by the keys and there lives a doll named Annabelle. After some quirky and scary events, children open the door and fall into deep trouble of the scary doll. Annabelle 2 is the story of the doll and the children and they tackle the doll to save their lives.

After Annabelle, the second part of the movie titled as Annabelle Creation said to be the scariest one from the series of The Conjuring directed by David F Sandberg.

The Next & the final Part of The Conjuring Series

It was expected that Annabelle 2 will be the last and final movie of The Conjuring series, but it’s not the end one more is yet to come from the makers. Although the makers of The Conjuring series will make the final movie that will be titled as The Nun. Earlier it was rumored that Annabelle 2 will be titled as The Final Conjuring: Annabelle, but then the title changed to Annabelle Creation. Now the final series has been named as The Nun that has been a prequel of 2016 released The Conjuring 2 and will be released in the mid of 2018.

Let’s see what the final showdown of The Conjuring series will be all about.

Source: HT

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