Are Pilot Watches Only for Pilots?

A pilot watch, as the name suggests is for pilots. In the early 20th century when the pilots were not able to see proper time during the flight, it was a huge issue. At that time men and women only used the pocket watches. There were no wristwatches at that time.

Then in 1904 Loius Cartier, designed the first pilot watch, Cartier Santos. He designed it for his friend Santos who was a pilot. Santos was not able to see the time without taking hands off the handle. So he designed him a wrist watch to see the time without moving his hand off the handle. It was the first pilot watch, but many people still consider it to be the first wristwatch too. These are the most sophisticated watches too.

Since the first pilot watch, these watches have seen a lot of evolution. You will find them in various sizes, shapes and with a huge list of features. These watches are in fashion. People spend a lot of money buying these watches even though they are not pilots.

Are these only for pilots?

Many characteristics make the pilot watch different from other watches. However, it is not important that only pilots wear these watches. Anyone can wear these watches. Today the pilot watch has evolved a lot. These have the features and the functions, which not only the pilot’s need but also are for the general public. Anyone who wishes to be a bit sophisticated wears these watches.

These watches have different features which you may not find on any other watch. However, these features are not necessarily only for pilots.

What makes the pilot watch different?

These watches are different as these have several features which you won’t find on other watches. You should get the best, and the most reliable Pilot Watches Pilot watches online. Here are the features of these watches.

Large dial: The pilot should be able to tell the time in both good and bad weather. No matter it is the day or the night flight. He should have access to accurate time all the time. It is why you will notice that these watches have large dials. These also have high contrast hands and large visible Arabic numerals. These also have large indexes for easy readability.

It is not important that only a pilot wants a large dial? Anyone can wear the watch with a large dial to see the time at first glance.

Luminosity: These watches have a higher luminosity to offer good readability at night time. It is a feature that anyone can have in their watches and not only the pilots.

Dual time: These watches also have a dual time function. The pilots need to keep track of local time based on the location. It is why you will find that these watches have GMT features. This feature allows the pilots to keep track of more than one Time Zone.

Dual time is not only the need for a pilot. Today most men like to have this feature on their watches. It adds flexibility to their personality. It is why you will see that ordinary men also wear the pilot watch.

Extra bezel markings: Another interesting feature that you will find on the pilot watch is the extra bezel markings. These are the flight computer bezel markings that assist a pilot with calculations.

Anti-magnetic seal: It is a feature that not only pilots need but anyone who wears a watch. It is a feature that protects the watch from damage. It will protect the watch against a sudden drop. Well, it means that it is not the feature that only pilots require. You may wear a pilot watch because it gives extra protection. It will make it long-lasting.

All these features available in a Pilot watch are not only necessary for the pilot but anyone who wants to have these features. You will see many men around you who wear a pilot watch, because of its flexibility, design, and features. So, the point is the pilot watch is not only for pilots but for everyone. These watches are a bit expensive. Make sure that you get the best pilot watch for yourself.


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