Best Operators to Buy in Rainbow Six Siege as a Beginner

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game and, tons of players are playing it right now. However, for a new player who is thinking of buying a Rainbow Six Siege key, it can come out as an overwhelming experience. This is because R6S has tons of characters to choose from, called Operators. Here we will discuss the best operators that a beginner should buy in Rainbow Six Siege.

Defense Operators


Rook is a defense operator and, he is one of the most basic operators in the game. If you are new to Rainbow Six Siege, you can’t go wrong with Rook.

The primary ability of rook is that he can place an armor pack on the ground containing a total of 5 armor plates that each of your teammates, including you, can take. Taking these plates will increase your and your teammates’ HP.


For new players, right after Rook, Doc is the best operator to get. This is because, just like Rook, Doc is also very easy to use. Doc can heal teammates with his primary gadget that is a stem pistol. To heal his teammates all he has to do is aim at them with his stem pistol and fire. Doc can also use his stem pistol to revive his injured teammates.

Attack Operators


Sledge is a very powerful attack operator however, he is also very beginner-friendly. His ability is not very hard to use and, even if you don’t know how to effectively use it, your teammates won’t get angry at you.

Sledge has a large hammer as his primary gadget and, he can use it to create holes in soft walls through which you or your teammates can go through. The strong suit for a beginner is Sledge’s primary weapon. His primary has tons of damage while also having very low recoil that anyone can control.

Black Beard

Black Beard was once one of the most overpowered operators in the game. He is still however a great attacker but he has received tons of nerves to make him more balanced. His primary ability allows him to place a transparent bulletproof shield on his primary weapon that almost completely covers his head. This means that whoever tries to shoot him in the head, will have to break his shield first. It takes about two shots to break his shield but back in the old days of R6S his shield could take tons of bullets before breaking.

In Rainbow Six Siege you can buy skins for your favorite operators from the in-game store, however, some skins are now not available. Only those people have them who bought them during the limited time they were offered. If you want a Rainbow Six Siege account that includes a particular skin then you should check Eldorado. gg where we have a wide selection of R6 accounts to choose from there are even new games, for example, you can get New World Gold and skip the grinding, each having a unique set of skins. Pick one that best suits your needs.


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