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Being the pioneer of online bookmaking (the company was founded in 2000), Betfair has always strived for gamblers’ convenience and pleasure. Today we will observe how it has managed to cover the mobile side of betting. We’ll discuss the Betfair app, its features, advantages, and available options.

The company itself is based in Malta. It has got the license from local gambling authorities. Such an option allows Betfair to operate in the UK. Hence, the Betfair app is legal in the majority of the Commonwealth states. It accepts users from India as well.

How to Download the Android Application of Betfair Betting?

The portal betting Betfair does not contain any links for the app download. Do not worry, as there are still two ways to do it.

The first one:

  • check the link situated in the upper paragraph;
  • it will lead you to the website, where you have to push the “Download” button laying under the title of the post;
  • that is how you start downloading the Betfair android .apk file;
  • save it somewhere or transfer it to your phone if you read this text on your computer!

The second way:

  • open Google and type “Betfair apps” in the search field;
  • you will see the links to Google Play! Service, along with the emerging links near the search result;
  • go to Google Play! Page of the Android application;
  • otherwise, hit one of the links to get to the download page within the Betfair site;
  • choose the Android Betfair app and hit the Download button!

That is how you can find the installation options for Android. Note that there could be several application versions in Google Play! You need a utility produced by Betfair LTD.

How to Setup Betfair App on My Android Gadget?

Depending on the path you’ve chosen in the previous paragraph, you appear with the downloaded .apk file or on Google Play! Page. The last one is simple: hit the Install button, and the app will download and install on your device automatically.

The second path is a bit trickier but not complicated on the whole:

  • use the file manager tool to search for the .apk file on your phone;
  • tap it to start the installation procedure;
  • waiting until the app being installed;
  • launch the Betfair app from the main menu of your device and give it all the permissions it asks for!

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the installation if you know the proper procedure. Do not try to get the Betfair Android utility from a location different from those we’ve just described. You can face a scam or spy application designed to steal your data or spoil your device with additional advertising viruses.

Betfair App For iPhone Download

Actually, there is no separate file for the manual setup within the iOS system. Everything (both uploading to the device and installation) is conducted from the App store page. The only difference in the following methods is between the ways to get to this App Store page. So, the first way to get to the iOS utility of the Betfair company is to open the App Store program on your device (it should be there by default):

  • type “Betfair Sports” into the search line within the app;
  • check the results and choose the application produced by Betfair LTD!

The second way implies you to visit the official Betfair portal:

on the man page, proceed to the bottom line and choose the Mobile Casino Betfair option;

you will be redirected to the page where the links to different applications are stored;

choose the Betfair SportBook option and click the “Available at App Store” button;

You will be redirected to the same page you’ve found during the first way!

Hooray! You’ve found the proper iOS Betfair application, so there is no chance to download trash.

Installation of the Betfair Application For the Apple device: The Sequence of Actions

You must enter your App Store User profile to get the download and install link. As soon as you do it, follow these steps:

  • hit the “Get” button situated on the Betfair application page;
  • the device will upload and install the app by itself;
  • the new icon must appear in the main menu of your device;
  • tap it to launch one of the Betfair betting apps!

Again, we ask you not to seek the other installation options. Online casinos and betting platforms are not likely to share their apps with every service. The chances to hack an app and jeopardize all the users are high.

Betfair Application Utility Features for a Simple Mobile Device Owner

From the perspective of sports available or various betting options to be applied, the application does not differ from its originating website. However, it has got own features that are beyond doubts and discussions:

  • with a Betfair app, you have no bounds to a laptop or PC anymore. You can place bets wherever you are and any time you want. Even a job where they are not likely to allow you to visit the gambling services can become a cozy place for a bettor. What is more, the office network will not track you using the app (as it has always happened with computers);
  • live betting enthusiasts and eager sports fans will appreciate the speed of bet placement within the Betfair app. You can make huge money in seconds, with only a couple of taps;
  • you can tune your Betfair app on double authentication via a phone number. It means that you will get an SMS every time you try to enter your account. The additional protection was never excessive in case of applications that work with money;
  • a new exciting way to kill time appears on your smartphone. A few sessions of waiting for your bet to win, and you will never notice how the hours pass. It is an ideal variant for those who travel by public transport or have to wait for long;
  • it is easy to share the Betfair app account between all the devices you’ve got!

As you can see, the application is not just a pleasant addition to your gambling world but a real-life and style changer that is going to improve your mood and well-being.

What Devices And Operating Systems Can Accept the Betfair App?

As a rule, there is nothing complicated with all the betting platform applications. Here is what the Betfair app needs:

  • Android 5.0 or higher/iOS 11.0 or higher;
  • At least 2GB of the device RAM;
  • about 250 MB of the hard disk space;
  • stable Wi-Fi or 4G Internet connection;
  • permissions to use phone numbers, accept messages, use the hard disk space, and so on!

As you can see, there should not be any problems with mobile devices.

What About Using the Mobile Browser But not The App To Gamble With Betfair?

Yes, there is such an option. If somehow you do not want or cannot use the app but want your Betfair to be more mobile, the simple mobile browser can solve the problem.

The result will look like the raw version of the application. However, a mobile desktop version has two advantages not accessible for a single Betfair app:

  • you can unify all the Betfair gambling delights in one browser. If you did not know, Betfair has got an attractive casino as well. And you can play the slot game while you are spectating live streaming of a favorite match. The second option means more simultaneous live bets.
  • you can open two different browser tabs, open the live betting feature on each, and choose two different matches. The more casts you spectate, the more opportunities to catch a lucky moment for a bet you’ve got, And the number of tabs are unlimited in theory.

Are There any Distinguishing Factors Between the Betfair Browser and utility Modes?

Besides the features you’ve just read about, there are some peculiarities to be considered:

  • after comparison, the application appears to consume less traffic and RAM. It can be vital for weak device owners;
  • at the same time, the mobile Betfair version looks like a raw application. It misses some essential shortcuts to the service features. For instance, it is easier to get to the support department through the application.
  • the app is optimized for different screen widths better than its browser competitor. You can witness long uploads, glitches, and the strange behavior of the website elements, while the mobile utility manages to keep everything together and nice!

Are There any Special Rewards For Using the Betfair App?

The producer claims there are two different delights for all the application owners:

  • control your bets with the cash-out option;
  • Acca Edge – get your bet back if the express multiple consisting of three and more positions have one lost element!

Besides that, you can always count on general promotions and rewards.

What Are the Betfair Rewards and Enhancements?

There are more than 20 different promotions available at the moment. The most attractive offers are:

  • 100% welcome bonus in cash for betting is waiting for you if you make the first deposit with the sum not exceeding 10 000 INR;
  • get the cashback for every bet that did not play;
  • get rewarded with increased odds by playing the highlighted events;
  • accumulate the loyalty points to get outstanding rewards and chances to win a jackpot;
  • the Euro 2020 is about to begin, so the increased features and rewards for the tournament matches are waiting for you!

What Are The Bet Types and Sports Available Through the Betfair mobile App?

As we said, both the Betfair mobile site and the application contain the same number of bet types and sports. here is a shortlist of featured bets:

  • parlays;
  • jersey;
  • lucky 18;
  • lucky 36;
  • all-side bets;
  • pleasing/teasing bets;
  • futures;
  • in-game and pre-match bets;
  • and others!

As for the choice of the sports, you’ve got four major options:

  • regular sports include various traditional games and tournaments;
  • virtual sports allow betting on the result of classic video contests (football, horse racing, etc.);
  • esports imply various computer games that have already turned into cyber disciplines;
  • live betting allows betting while the actual competition takes place!

If you do not know what to choose, search the sports guides inside the app to learn more and guess your favorite activity.

How to Create a Bet Using the Mobile Utility?

Here is a simple sequence of your actions:

  • enter the mobile application and log into your profile;
  • on the main screen, you will see the featured events;
  • otherwise, choose the sport you would like to bet on from the main menu of the app;
  • you will be suggested to choose the tournament and the line;
  • tap the option you like most of all and type the sum of a bet into the appeared window;
  • confirm the choice!

You’ve just made your first online bet. Way to go!

What Countries and Regions Are Not Welcome in Betfair?

Though the Betfair company is quite hospitable and is always happy with new customers, no matter where they come from, there are some regional restrictions. Usually, they are connected with unclear gambling legislation. Actually, such restrictions are aimed to save people from the risk to violate the law. The most prominent Countries are:

  • Canada;
  • China;
  • France;
  • Portugal;
  • Turkey;
  • Japan;
  • Lebanon;
  • Iraq;
  • and others!

We recommend consulting a support manager to guess if your country is allowed in all Betfair services.

What Are The Ways to Keep My Funds Within The Betfair App?

Compared to other betting platforms, Betfair tries to be more traditional than innovative. There are only a few options available for depositing and money withdrawal:

  • MasterCard and Visa credit or debit cards issued by any bank;
  • Neteller and Skrill electronic wallet systems;
  • Wire bank transfers;
  • EcoPayz electronic vouchers!


It is no wonder that Betfair has been in the market for more than 20 years. A bettor can feel the highest quality and passion in every aspect of this betting platform. The mobile betting app keeps up with quality control. In general, it is difficult to find a disadvantage in Betfair.


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