Big Daddy Punjabi Movie (Story, Cast, Highlights & Review)

Punjabi movie Big Daddy is out in theatres and the reviews suggest that it is a good movie.  Mohammad Nazim aka Ahem from ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ debuted in Punjabi cinema with ‘Big Daddy’. Punjabi movie Big Daddy has been released on 21st April 2017, which is all about a father’s love and care for his child. All the scenes of ‘Big Daddy’ have been shot in Punjab and Australia.

Big Daddy is a total family drama and can be watched with family. It’s not only the debut movie of Ahem, but it is also the first Punjabi movie of Dwiro Films, Australia in collaboration with Dwiro Films, India. Although the name of the Punjabi movie ‘Big Daddy’ has been taken from an American comedy movie, but the story is completely on a different track. Check out the review of Big Daddy given below.

Big Daddy movie story

The story of Punjabi movie Big Daddy revolves around a six-year-old boy Sartaaj (Sam) and his Daddy Ahem (Jordy). It shows a journey of a young boy to become a Big Daddy – World’s best father. This also gives us a clue about Big Daddy reviews.

Jordy, who has been brought up by his uncle lives a carefree life in Punjab. But a tragedy in his life changes his life completely when his sister Harleen, who has been living in Australia, dies of cancer. As she was a single mother of a 6-year-old boy, Jordy has to take all the responsibility of his nephew Sam.

After some time, Sam’s father comes to India and takes his son back to Australia. Here comes the twist, when fate took Jordy to Australia where he faced many realities and fought for the custody of his nephew. Whether Jordy will win the battle to get the custody of his nephew or not? The journey of Big Daddy will show the bonding and love between uncle and his nephew. The reviews for eveyones acting in Big Daddy are great.

Details of Big Daddy movie

Cast and Crew of Big Daddy

Cast: Mohd. Nazim, Sabby Suri, Sardar Sohi, Sartaaj Kakkar, Maninder Velly, Seema Kaushal and more.

Director: Imran Sheikh

Producer: Keshav Dwivedi

Music: Kuldeep Shukla

Release date: 21st April 2017

Big Daddy (Punjabi movie) trailer

Songs of Big Daddy Punjabi movie

The music for all the songs of Big Daddy has been composed by Kuldeep Shukla. Whereas the songs have been penned by various lyricist of Punjabi industry like Babbi Khakh, Gurnam Sudhu Gama and much more.

  • Big Daddy (Singer: Udit Narayan)
  • Sham Kaur (Singer: Jaggi Sidhu)
  • Akhiyan (Singer: Mohammad Irfan)
  • Kar Jawan Puri (Singer: Feroz Khan)
  • Apne Sewak Ko (Singer: Arvinder Singh)

The child voice for the title track of Punjabi movie ‘Big Daddy’ has been given by Pomita Dutta. The songs of the movie ‘Big Daddy’ will you to a musical journey.

Big Daddy Review (Punjabi movie) 

Newly released reviews for ‘Big Daddy’ suggest that this Punjabi movie is worth watching. It has a perfect blend of love and emotions between a child and his uncle. And both the characters have executed it well. The film Big Daddy reviews suggest that the movie shows the journey of a careless young boy being a father for his nephew. Not just a Daddy, but ‘Big Daddy’, who can take all the sorrow and pain of his child and only give him happiness.


Book your seats in our nearby theatres to have a roller coaster ride of emotions with ‘Big Daddy’ and comment your own reviews about Big Daddy Punjabi movie in the comment section below.


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