After Rejecting Bigg Boss 11 (2017) Offer, Here’s What Priyanka Chopra’s Lookalike is Doing?

Bigg Boss 11 (2017) considered to be the most watch TV reality show in India, but a Youtube star named Navpreet Banga has rejected the proposal to be a part of the show. Earlier it had been rumored that Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike will be one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 11. But Youtube star Navpreet Banga rejected the offers of being a part of Bigg Boss 11.

And now PC’s lookalike is all set to debut her acting career with Punjabi movies. Yes, Youtube star Navpreet Banga who is also famous as Priyanka Chopra’s twin after denying Bigg Boss 11 offer, will be seen on silver screen opposite to Ranjit Bawa with Bhalwna Singh releasing on 27th October 2017.

Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike rejects Bigg Boss 11 (2017) offer & Now doing Bhalwan Singh (Punjabi Movie)

22-year-old Canadian video blogger (vlogger) Navpreet Banga was offered to enter the Bigg Boss 11 house for this season. She admitted the same in an interview and also said that she got a call for the finalization but she right away rejected the proposal for being a part of Season 11 of Bigg Boss. As Bhalwan Singh’s actress always dreamt of being an actress, after rejection Bigg Boss 11 offer she followed her dreams and opted for Punjabi movie Bhalwan Singh.

Piggy Chops twin after denying Bigg Boss 11 (2017) offer got a chance to act in a Punjabi movie with singer-turned-actor Ranjit Bawa. As Bhalwan Singh’s producer’s cousins were her big fans and liked her comedy. And she grabbed the role in upcoming Punjabi movie Bhalwan Singh after saying no to Bigg Boss 11.

Reason why Bhalwan Singh actress rejects the proposal of Bigg Boss (BB) Season 11

Although lookalike of Priyanka Chopra, Navpreet Banga was approached for Bigg Boss 11 (2017) season but she rejected it considering it will hamper her credibility as a Youtube star. Bhalwan Singh actress, most of the time gets comments on her social media regarding being a twin of Priyanka Chopra and she doesn’t want it to be continued after being into the show like Bigg Boss 2017. Navpreet has millions of Youtube fans and around 1,75,000 followers over Instagram and she doesn’t want to destroy that image of her due to Bigg Boss 11.

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