Bigg Boss 11 Full Episode 2 (October 3) Written Update | Shilpa, Jyoti, Zubair, Arshi and Bandgi Nominated

With regular errands being taken care of by gharwalas, the padosis are given their first task of the Bigg Boss 11 show. Bigg Boss requests that they meet up as a family and work on a backstory that ties them all together. All challengers are in for an enormous stun as Bigg Boss declares the main nomination of the Bigg Boss 11 season. Adding to the twisting streets of turns, it is declared that the housemates need to make their selections in broad daylight with a substantial reason supporting their choice.

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 2 – First Week Nominations

As the Bigg Boss 2017 nomination starts, Priyank chooses Shilpa referring to that she is starting battles with Vikas. His second name is Zubair on account of his battle with Sapna Choudhary. Shivani Durga too names Shilpa for a similar reason. Her second name is Akash in light of the fact that she supposes he gets too boisterous. Hiten names Zubair for the grown-up joke he split yesterday, and Puneesh for not doing much in the house.

Hina Khan additionally picked Zubair. Her second name is Vikas, in light of his “tu-tadak”. Notwithstanding, she later understands that she needed to named Shilpa, obviously, she isn’t permitted to change her choice. Vikas obviously selects Shilpa, and Arshi in view of her noisy conduct. Arshi assigns Hina and Shilpa on the grounds that she feels they are solid contenders. Shilpa too feels that Hina is a solid contender and names her. Her second nomination in Bigg Boss episode 2 comes as an amazement as it isn’t Vikas, yet Sapna on the grounds that Shilpa feels she is too calm. Puneesh chooses Benafsha due to no association with her, and Vikas for defaming Shilpa’s picture. Jyoti gets very forceful while choosing and picks Benafsha and Hina.

In Bigg Boss 11 episode 2, Akash nominates Shivani and Priyanka on the grounds that he supposes he is an intense contender. Sapna chooses Shilpa. Her second name is Jyoti, in light of the fact that she feels that she doesn’t know how to converse with individuals. Zubair too selects Jyoti for a similar reason. His second name is Priyank as he feels that he isn’t excessively engaged with the cleaning undertakings.

In Bigg Boss 2017, Bigg Boss presents a curve as it’s the ideal opportunity for the padosis – Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Luv Tyagi, and Lucinda have a favorable position in the selections.  Everybody has assembled around the dining table where Akash begins revealing to one positive and one negative point about his co-competitors.

Bigg Boss 2017 – Shilpa, Jyoti, Bandgi, Arshi and Zubair Nominated

In the meantime, the padosis of Bigg Boss 11 house are given an extraordinary power to turn things around. They have the expertise to spare one individual from nomination and add two individuals to the nomination list of Bigg Boss 11. Padosis spare Hina and designate Arshi and Bandgi Kalra for the nominations of Bigg Boss 11. The five candidates that are named for the current week of Bigg Boss 11 incorporate Shilpa, Jyoti, Bandgi, Arshi and Zubair.

Again everybody is at the eating table, in Bigg Boss 11 episode 2 where a discussion between the contenders prompts Vikas losing his temper against Akash. Things get revolting as Vikas discloses to Akash that he isn’t fit to be on the show and is remarking on everybody’s close to home life for consideration. Akash is likewise informed that he needs to change his conduct.



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