Bigg Boss 11 | Post Wild Card Entry, Here’s What Lead To Priyank’s Nomination?

Bigg Boss Season 11 unfolded to a great surprise for its audience every since its very first day. But what merely came as a surprise to the audience was when two of the most talked about contestants – Dhinchak Pooja, as well as Priyank Sharma, made it to the Bigg Boss House owing to the wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house. Priyank Sharma who is the emerging heartthrob of most of the young generation out there was straight away asked to leave the Bigg Boss House after he indulged into a physical fight with Akash who was already into a verbal spat with Vikas.

Bigg Boss Season 11 | Priyank Sharma Gets Nominated | Know Why

The new week at Bigg Boss Season 11 house kicked off pretty well. The 29th day at the Bigg Boss house took way for the eliminations in quite a different way. The nomination for the Bigg Boss season 11 house started from the house inmates being invited in pairs in the nomination room. Among the pair which went inside, one contestant would be safe and in return, the other contestant would be nominated. Priyank and Hiten formed a pair for the nomination and realizing the need that wildcard entry Priyank deserves a chance to stay in the Bigg Boss season 11 house, Hiten himself gets nominated.

But, the tables turned unfavourable for Priyank when he himself got nominated for bringing the personal lives of people in between. As a punishment for his vague behaviour towards the Bigg Boss season 11 house inmates by bringing their past and personal lives in between, Priyank Sharma got nominated for the elimination himself.

Who All Finally Got Nominated For Elimination From Bigg Boss 11  

As the nomination session commenced, one of the pairs who went inside for the nomination procedure got nominated for elimination and the other person automatically landed in the safe zone. Of all the pairs, Sabyasachi, Hiten, Sapna, Shilpa, Pooja, Bandagi, Benafsha along with Priyank who went against the rules of the Bigg Boss House got nominated finally.

As the day ended and everyone was about to go to bed, Dhinchak Pooja in a conversation with Akash and Arshi confessed about her soft corner for Bigg Boss house contestant Luv.
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