Bill Gates in Dilemma | No More Windows Phones by Microsoft

Continuously struggling with the successful Android and Apple iOS operating systems, Microsoft co-founded by Bill Gates, has finally decided to stop the production of Windows smartphones. After the string of tweets from the Corporate Vice President in the Operating system Group at Microsoft, it has come to light that the company is going to stop the new production of any windows smartphone and is only going to fix the bugs for the existing users.

Bill Gates To Stop Production of New Features for Windows Smartphone | Support Will Continue For Existing Users

 Well, there are many devices that are using the Windows operating system, with the decision of stopping the development of new features for window phones, Bill Gates’ Microsoft company has also declared that the support for the existing users will always be open. Some of the existing Microsoft windows operated devices include HP Elite X3, Microsoft Lumina 950, Nokia Lumia 930, Microsoft Lumia 950XL etc.
Along with the news came another mind blasting news that HP Inc is also going to stop the production of its flagship Windows handset. No new handset models will be added to its Elite windows smartphone collection.

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Himself Use Android 

Recently, it flashed on news that the former CEO and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates himself switched to the Android smartphone from the one operating on windows. Although he did not reveal which Android phone he is using still the news was big. After the continuous struggle of standing against iOS and Android operating smartphones, Microsoft has finally laid down the production of new ones. The basic issue that was arising with the Microsoft smartphones was lack of support from the developer community.

Redmond Based  Tech Giant to Aim on Production of Surface Phones 

After the Microsoft announced that they have put their windows phone and Surface PC line to bed, the public patent was released by the Redmond based Tech Giant for their series of “Surface Phones”. So, let’s see what is up next in the market.

As far as the Microsoft, company founded by Bill Gates goes, the company is planning to start a new era of smartphones. The company claims that they will start the development of smartphones, but they would not look same as the ones already in the market.

Source – CNBC


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