British Herald – A History | Then and Now

Humble Origins: 

The brand British Herald’ was originally founded circa 1860 by James Nisbet and Co. The modest company was initially based out of Hitchin town in England. In the early years, the publishing of the British Herald newspaper was on a monthly basis and it was sold for a price of 2 pence. The newspaper back then primarily focused on publishing Christian journals from the Holy Bible.  

The Revival of the British Herald Name: 

A need was identified to expand the domain within which the flagship British Herald brand operated and, in the year 2018, restored to its original potential and driven to grow, the brand was revived and restructured. British Herald soon became a trusty online news and information delivery platform for its global readers, breaking all sorts of regional boundaries. The company’s online presence allowed it to be accessed by a population not restricted by location.  

Relying primarily on British Herald’s consolidated strengths in the communication and digital media markets, alongside the company’s background in branding and advertising for networks under its flagship’s title, the company began to scale new heights. New age media extends into the digital spectrum and up-to-date news is available in the palm of the readers’ hand within just a few seconds. Of late, British Herald has also ventured into the digital business and in the past few years, it has carved out a niche and made a name for itself as one of the leading players in the spectrum of digital media. The British Herald brand also runs a bi-monthly e-Magazine under the same name. The bimonthly British Herald magazine runs cover features of prominent world leaders and pioneers across various fields along with original reporting, commentary and analysis of several topics ranging from business to entrepreneurship to sports and entertainment. The British Herald magazine is available on several digital magazine stores like ISSUU, Kindle and Magzter.

It must be noted that currently, the Herald Media Network that runs British Herald is an independent UK company and one of the global leaders in the media market. Herald Media Network is not affiliated or partnered with James Nisbet and Co.  

News Across Borders: 

While primary focus lies on news from the UK, the British Herald website directs a lot of attention towards international news as well. Accessible to people from several countries worldwide, available on their computers, mobiles and tablet devices, British Herald delivers news across borders. What was once a humble newspaper carrying Bible texts and in circulation only around Britain, today captures the attention of countries from around the globe. Traversing boundaries, this eNews website is an environmentally-friendly welcome addition to the concept of daily printed newspapers, accessible via electronic devices. The future is digital- and British Herald has planned well for its future in the new age media field. Borders and boundaries mean so little; content is truly king and it delivers timely news to all of its patrons. Traverse borders but always have a handy up-to-date news companion; only with British Herald. 


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