Can I travel to South Africa right now?

The number of cases of people being infected from the COVID-19 or coronavirus continue to be high throughout the world. For the same reason, officials associated with health caution that by travelling, you may augment your probability of catching as well as spreading the virus. Thus, staying home is the most advised since it is the best possible way for reducing the virus’s transmission. Nonetheless, if you are still planning to visit South Africa, you should know about several things including Covid-19 test for travel South Africa and even quarantine rules. This article will provide you with all the required guidelines along with explaining if it is safe to travel to this country right now. 

Is South Africa open to Travellers?

At the end of the previous year, the country opened itself again for travellers since tourism was a major part of its revenue generation. Further, the day-to-day restrictions associated with the movement have also been relaxed in the end of February. Even though this may sound like a good news, it is not. The COVID-19 variant of South Africa has been considered to be transmit faster as compared to other variants and it has also been understood that vaccines are less effective against this variant in comparison with other variants of COVID-19. For the same reason, a number of nations have imposed restrictions related to flights in order to reduce travelling to South Africa, and thus, the number of people being infected from the virus. 

Why would one visit South Africa?

The Big Five, wine country, buzzing cities, and breath-taking coastline, South Africa has got it all when it comes to considering a tourist destination. A majority of the tourists pair a safari for visiting the 7,523 square mile Kruger National Park, among the largest reserves of game in the country, is situated in the northeast of the nation and has a city break in the coastal region of Cape Town. Nonetheless, there are other things as well that are on offer. The tree-lined, sprawling Johannesburg is among the largest forests that are manmade. If you are looking for a curry, you may go to the beachside Durban that is home to a majority of the Indian population of the country. Other paradises comprise Soweto, iSImangaliso Wetland Park, and more. 

Who can visit South Africa right now?

Based on the regulations of visa, anybody can visit the country. Nonetheless, there are certain protocols that must be strictly followed. 


First and foremost, all the travellers travelling to South Africa are required to fill a screening form with 48 hours of their journey for producing on their own device when they are at the airport. Upon arrival, they are required to demonstrate a hard copy of a negative PCR test that is required to be taken within 72 hours of arrival at the destination. Further, it should also contain a signature of the person who took the individual’s test. Further, you must be having several copies of the same in case you are required to give one to them physically at various stages. The ones who arrive without performing any tests are required to be quarantined on their own expenses. 

At every point of entry, screening continues to take place. Further, transits are permitted as well but you are required to illustrate the same PCT test negative report. 

Business travellers who are arriving between Southern African Development Community and South Africa of 15 states in the Southern Africa are also required to generate a negative PCR test but are permitted a number of entries for a period of 2 weeks. Further, among the land borders of South Africa, 20 borders are open, including Ficksburg, Lembombo, and Beitbridge, while 33 of them are shut. 

Current Scenario of COVID-19 in South Africa

Till the last week, the country has noted a number of cases related to COVID-19 disease. While 1.6 million people have been infected in the country, 555,800 of them have died from the infection. Even though the rate of infection of that of death is not the maximum, the variant of COVID-19 based in South Africa is the one that spreads easier and faster. For the same reason, nations all over the world, began to ban flights to and from South Africa as soon as the variant was discovered. 

The Bottom Line

South Africa is currently experiencing the crisis of the pandemic like the rest of the world. However, like several other countries, the nation has not restricted the kind of its travellers – anybody can visit. This means that you may visit the country as well. Nonetheless, due to the extent to which the South African COVID-19 variant spreads, it is advisable to not travel to the country since sometimes even vaccines do not work against it.


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