CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th | No Change in Grace Marking System, Moderation Policy To Stay

Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE has decided to continue the moderation policy as a part of existing marking scheme adopted for CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th via an official meeting held in August 2017. The CBSE board members and the Chairman has forwarded their views of continuing with the moderation policy for CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th to bring an end to all the speculations causing confusion in the minds of  teachers as well as taught. The initiative and decision has brought some sense of relief to the students of CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th board.

CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th Notification 2017 on Moderation Policy

CBSE board has ensured no change in marking system to be done and move forth with the moderation policy that has been going on for years now. Know more updates about marking scheme adopted and moderation policy continuation decision of CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th by the Board. An official meeting wherein CBSE board members along with the Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education which serves as the conducting authority for the CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th board exams as an annual affair was scheduled recently.

The members of the CBSE board have sent recommendations to the Ministry of Human Resource & Development last week on August 2017 pertaining to decision of continuation moderation policy adopted as marking scheme in the CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th from 2017 onwards.

CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th Moderation Policy Enforced Via State Boards 

CBSE has instructed and advised state boards of education for various states to adopt and continue with the moderation policy scheme. CBSE has further ensured various state boards about the grace marks policy system that has been adopted to be continued in order to take care of the uniformity in the examination system for CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th. Though, candidates shall be told about the same via the grace marks allotted which shall be mentioned on their mark sheets just in case they are to flunk the exam by a few marks. Such grace marks granted under the CBSE moderation policy for CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th  boards shall ensure apt compensation made just in case the question set or the difficulty level varies for various state boards.

Moreover, CBSE board has further urged that the state boards shall adopt the sample papers issued by the CBSE and mold them according to their own patterns and scheme of marks adopted while evaluating the CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th board exam papers. But in no case any perplexity shall be encountered pertaining to the CBSE marking scheme which is unchanged and the continued nature of moderation policy for students.

All hail the CBSE’s decision of sustaining the moderation policy of awarding grace marks to those who deserve in CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th board exams !!!

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