CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 Tomorrow | Checklist of Important HOTS, Organic Chemistry Topics

All set to conduct the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 tomorrow, students must go through these important topics before taking the test.

CBSE Chemistry Board Exam is scheduled for Class 12th Science students on March 13, 2018 tomorrow. Students who are studying in CBSE affiliated schools opted for Science stream are all set to take the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 tomorrow.

We created a fine check list of important topics from Chemistry for Class XII students. HOTS and organic chemistry questions are a must before they take the actual CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018.

CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 Tomorrow | What’s HOTS & Why is it Important?

High Order Thinking Skills or HOTS as they say are a set of finely curated and well crafted conceptual questions from each topic. Persistent in each subject of both CBSE Class 10th & 12th Board Exam 2018, HOTS are real important from examination point of view.

HOTS are readily available in books that candidates go through while preparing for their test. Especially in CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018. These are present in many additional reference books and help books that candidates refer to. HOTS questions in number are around 10-15 such questions per chapter. These are listed in the NCERT Chemistry book for Class XII Science students.

Candidates must go through them to gain conceptual clarity in the subject. Practising a few important ones are a must on the last day CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam preparation. Such candidates apart from attempting the obvious questions are able to fetch more marks. This is by virtue of having an extra edge over those who have not practised HOTS questions.

CBSE Class 12th Chemistry subject is divided into three areas of Physical Chemistry, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry. Each section further carries different marks allotted out of which CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam question paper is formulated.

CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2018 | Important Organic Chemistry Topics You Must Go Through

While Physical Chemistry carries 23 marks, Organic, 28 marks, Inorganic one carries 19 marks in the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 pattern. The authorities set the paper in accordance of the aforesaid scheme only. Out of the three, Organic Chemistry carries the maximum marks in the CBSE pattern.

Candidates must be thorough with the NCERT Back exercises questions of their Chemistry Class 12th book. Solving sample papers and analysis of past trends reveal most of the important organic chemistry important questions for the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018.

Apart from this, lnorganic Chemistry with its s,p,d,f,block elements fetches easy but questions on reasoning ability. Numericals from Physical Chemistry are a must for which candidates must remember formulae to. Making short key notes and revising them enhances the overall score in tests.

We wish all the candidates appearing for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam 2018 tomorrow, all the best for the same. Good Luck !


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