CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018 | Today’s Paper Analysis & Review

CBSE conducted Economics board exam for Class 12th students on March 26,2018 today. Check out detailed analysis and review here.

CBSE conducted Economics board exam 2018 for Class 12th Commerce students today. This is their second last exam for the CBSE board exams 2018 this year. As per the date sheet released by the board this year, Economics is the last major subject for Class XII CBSE board students for which exam was held today.

Read on to know details about today’s CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 analysis and critical review here online.

CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 |  Our Detailed Paper Analysis

Today’s CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 is yet another example of easy test paper set by the board. Taking care of the examination stress that students go through, CBSE question papers are a treat for many.

Students who have deep insight into the topics and have concept clarity could easily attempt all the questions in CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018. Students need to thoroughly read the questions in CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 as they were not direct from textbooks.

To get a gist of the question and understand it’s meaning as to what is asked,candidates had to re-read some trick questions in today’s CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018. Those who would have attempted with diagrams and charts would definitely score better.

Many students found the CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 question paper lengthy to attempt. Much of time was utilised in thinking over the answers before writing them down on the answer scripts. Equal importance was provided to macroeconomics and microeconomics as two parts of the subject. Candidates were delighted to see some of their easy favourite hot shots in today’s CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018.

Although lengthy but questions were far too easy than estimated in Economics exam. Also, most all important questions per chapter made their way to this years’ CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 today.

CBSE Economics Board Exam 2018 was entirely based on the marking scheme set by the board. The sample papers definitely provided an edge to those who practised them nicely. The board has surely set great standards for students who suffered from anxiety and depression due to CBSE board exam stress.

Now only last exam of physical education for Commerce students is left. The test is scheduled on April 13, 2018. We wish them all the best for the same.


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