CBSE Class 12th Economics Re-exam on April 25, 2018 | Here’s Why CBSE Decision Remains Unchanged

After scrapping CBSE Class 10th Maths board re-exam decision, board all set to re-conduct Economics exam for Class 12th commerce students.

CBSE Class 12th Economics board re-exam shall be conducted on April 25, 2018. Post the leak of two of the CBSE board exams 2018 this year, the board has scrapped the decision to re-conduct Class 10th Maths exam. While the decision of re-conducting Class XII Economics exam for Commerce students still holds true, know details as to why board differed in its opinion to re-conduct the two leaked CBSE board exam papers this year.

CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Re-exam Holds True | Know Details

Students held wide stage protests to speak against the CBSE board exam 2018 paper leak case. The board in its last official notification released on CBSE official website at online stated that it would re-conduct the leaked exam papers.

While no date was released for Class 10th Maths board re-examination, CBSE revealed exam date for holding Class 12th Economics re-test on April 25, 2018. The board yesterday scrapped the decision of holding the Class 10th Maths exam, but said that its decision of holding the re-exam for Class XII commerce students for Economics subject remains unchanged.

This implies that Class 12th Economics board re-exam shall be held on the scheduled date only. The board changed its decision for Class 10th students keeping in view of the interest and welfare of them on various grounds.

Here’s Why CBSE Decision Remained Unchanged Regarding Class 12th Economics Board Re-exam 2018

Central Board of Secondary Education is an efficient conducting body of board exams every year. CBSE released an important detailed notification in the regard online. In the official CBSE notification, the board clearly stated details about paper leak. It states Class 12th Economics board re-exam decision could not be scrapped. Unlike Class 10th Maths decision, there are other factors governing the higher education system of the country.

Since Class 12th CBSE board exams are a gateway to higher education, the same could not be tampered with. Many professional competitive exams consider the scores obtained in CBSE Class 12th board exams as their criteria and hence, education board decided to re-conduct the Class 12th Economics board exam 2018.

This is done in the issue of wider interest of students. Also, CBSE board does not aim to let a few beneficiaries of the paper leak take advantage of the same. These students shall reap its benefits even in the higher education system of the nation. Therefore, the education board shall go forth with the decision of holding the same. CBSE Class 12th Economics board re-exam will be on April 25, 2018 across the nation.

We wish all the students appearing for the re-exam, all the best. For detailed notification, check official CBSE website at online.


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