CBSE Exclusion Principle 2018 : Demand For NCERT Books Risen By 200% | Know More CBSE Norms Here

After CBSE issued warning to schools, demand for NCERT books across the nation rose by 4 times (200% approximately). Check details.

CBSE schools have seen a phenomenal rise by four times in the demand for NCERT books for students studying in CBSE affiliated schools in the current academic session. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which is the conducting and regulating authority for education system followed by most schools post its warning issued to schools for stop getting commercialised with respect to selling books from private publishers and uniforms within the school premises. The substantial rise observed in the rising demand for the NCERT books in CBSE affiliated schools is nothing less than success for the authorities for the year 2018.

CBSE Exclusion Norm 2018 | Demand For NCERT Books Risen By 200%

With rising demand in the NCERT books after the National Council for Education, Research and Training gained exclusivity for selling its own books via opening up a tuck shop within the premises of the CBSE affiliated schools, the phenomenal peak has been observed to reach a mark of 200% over the previous demand last year.  The NCERT authorities which design and curate the books whose syllabus is blindly followed by the CBSE board of education for the exquisite authenticity and informative pieces in the textbooks received an order of approximately INR 6 crores from over 5000 schools affiliated with the CBSE board towards the end of the year.

With no specific motive behind gaining monopoly over selling textbooks pertaining to NCERT, the CBSE board issued warning to the schools to stop selling books from private publishers and stick to the national agencies for the sake of authentic texts and information priced at nominal rates.

Here’s Why CBSE Issued Warning To Schools Last Year | Know Details Here

Issuing warning to refrain schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) acting as commercial stop shops by selling books from private publishers and uniform for children for a sheer profitable purpose. The board aimed at curbing this practice by issuing a letter to its schools last April 2017 with a reminder in December 2017. The only aim of the CBSE board was to ensure education reaching all the children without any discrimination and stop school’s selfish money minting business strategies by subjecting parents and children from added burden.

Moreover, these private publishers who approached CBSE schools ended up picking the informative stuff from the NCERT books only with added designs and images for which parents had to shell out extra bucks burning their pockets. Ending this undue pressure on parents who were not able to afford ‘expensive books’ having its content lifted from none other than NCERT books itself, the board of Education made sure NCERT gained exclusivity norm over others.

Also, the move was initiated by the CBSE board only to see how much NCERT books would be demanded by its schools and to their surprise the response has been outstanding. A wondrous and whopping rise of 200% ensured that CBSE is here to stay with NCERT books in its kitty for all its children studying in CBSE affiliated schools pan India.

Source : NewIndianExpress


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