CBSE Extends Sports Guidelines To All Affiliated Schools | Here’s What All You Need To Know

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has formulated Sports Guidelines for the schools to follow. Here are the details.

The CBSE Boards has extended certain kinds of sports guidelines to the different schools mandatory for them to follow the same. As per the reports, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is known to have prepared a manual which is 150 pages long and contains all the details of the sports guidelines and have been presented to the schools to follow. The CBSE Manual also contains the implementation methods which are applicable from Class 9 to Class 12.

This is a very considerable step taken by the CBSE Board so as to prevent students from following a sedentary lifestyle. The sports guidelines extended to the schools by the CBSE Board aims to mainstream the physical as well as the health education for the students.

CBSE Introduces New ‘HPE’ Period | Know MoreĀ 

CBSE has directed the schools to reserve one period for ‘Health and Physical Education’ (HPE) while preparing the time table of the students from the upcoming session of 2018-19. It is mandatory for the schools to have a sports period on daily basis in which the students will be free to perform any kind of physical activity in the playground and will be graded on the basis of the same. But, this will be different from the Physical Education which is offered to the students of Class 10 to Class 12.

Previously, the health and physical education along with the work education co-scholastic areas have now been merged in order to be used for HPE. The HPE syllabus will not have any theory portion. Also, each teacher in the school is eligible in order to implement, evaluate as well as record all the happenings of the HPE class.

CBSE Extends Sports Guidelines | Know Necessary ChangesĀ 

The introduction of the HPE period by the CBSE Board is necessary from the point of the physical health of the students. All the marks and grades awarded by the teachers to the students shall be presented by the school on the CBSE website but will not be added in the final examinations of Classes 10 and 12.

Adding to this, the students are also directed to do a project either in groups or individually, the only condition being that the activity ought to be an outdoor one. Grades for the same on the basis of the material submitted shall also be provided.


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