A Chandigarh Away From Chandigarh in Himachal Pradesh | Here’re the Details

Chandigarh is one of the best planned urban cities of India, with a perfect melange of modern infrastructure and lush greenery all around. But has anyone of you ever thought that your city beautiful has a clone of its own just 500 km away from its mainland, in Himachal Pradesh? Though you will not find the urban architecture of Le Corbusier in Chandigarh (HP) but it is no less in beauty than the Chandigarh (UT).

Where to locate Chandigarh in Himachal Pradesh

The Chandigarh namesake place is located in the cold desert of Himachal Pradesh, which is on the National Highway 5 to Tibet. Chandigarh in Himachal Pradesh lies between Kinnaur and Spiti and is somewhat a look alike of the Chandigarh, state capital of Punjab & Haryana in terms of greenery. While passing through the Buddhist monasteries of Tabo and Kaza, one can easily find a lush green hamlet, Chandigarh on the way. The little Chandigarh of Himachal Pradesh is full of apple plantation along with potato, peas, and vouches for majestic trails of serene landscape.

History behind Chandigarh’s inception in Himachal Pradesh

Many say that while planning the state capital of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh, Le Corbusier missed out the area Sector 13 for he feared it as an unlucky number but the missing case of sector 13 seems to be a story cooked up by a few tale tellers. As no one knew that Chandigarh’s sector 13 can be found up in the snow capped terrains of Himachal Pradesh, which is as beautiful and as warm as the later. It was earlier known as Hurling and later got its name Chandigarh by the people residing there who wished to settle down in Chandigarh near Punjab.

The Chandigarh of Himachal Pradesh also has a history of being associated with former Indian leader, Indira Gandhi and the war of 1962 with China. Then Hurling, at the time of 1962 war was purchased by the local people to set an army base at Lepcha. Indira Gandhi promised the locals of relocation to the UT Chandigarh but the promises were never fulfilled. Deprived people there then decided to re-christened it as Chandigarh.

Source: Times of India

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