India’s Opposition To China Silk Road Turns Strong | Skips the One Belt One Road Summit

China will be holding a high profile meeting on the initiative of China Silk Road that will link Asia to Europe tomorrow in Beijing called One Belt One Road summit. The two day meet will discuss the sovereignty concerns related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

But it looks like India will be skipping the two-day Summit being in the state of great opposition on the China Silk Road project even after the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that India is invited to represent itself in the prestigious summit.

The prestigious summit will be hosted by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Belt and Road initiative can change the scene of global economy in a good way and can challenge the US’s superpower.

China Silk Road Project

China is looking forward to restore the long lost famous road, the “Silk Route” once again in this century that connected Europe and Asia in the past. The huge program will be 11 times bigger than the US Marshall Plan under which Europe was reconstructed after the World War II.

The new China Silk Road restored under the Chinese Belt and Road intuitive and will have:

  • As many as $1.4 trillion network of modern trading routes
  • new roads, high-speed rails
  • power plants
  • pipelines
  • seaports and airports
  • China Silk road will also have telecommunications links

The Belt and Road plan has the capacity to improve commercial links between China and 60 countries like Europe, Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

India’s Aversion To China Silk Road Initiative

The “One Belt One Road” – China Silk Road might be a very ambitious project of China’s President Xi Jinping but countries like ours, US and Russia are not in a complete favor of his plans seemingly.

The Governments from India, Moscow and Washington feel that the initiative of Silk Road might be an easy job for a country like China but it can prove downgrading to other politically and economically weaker nations.

Moreover, the political influence of Beijing might increase over other nations on the global level with its Belt and Road plans for China Silk Road. And can also wear away environmental standards and human rights of poor countries by lending them more and leaving them burdened with debt in the end.

Nepal Joins Hands With China

Nepal formally signed the deal with China to join the “China Silk Road” initiative yesterday, adding much to India’s dismay over the issue of “Silk Road”.

The Nepal’s Foreign Affairs Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat are seeing the signing in of Nepal in the Chinese initiative as a beginning of a new chapter in the country’s development projects.

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