Choose the Best Fade Haircut Type to Fit Your Ultimate Style

Often, when you hear about a specific style, you can clearly envision it so that it is easier to decide as to whether or not it is going to suit you. However, some styles are just too versatile to remember and distinguish them all. Fade cut belongs to the latter category.

Inspired by MensHaircuts, we decided to have a closer look into all the types of fade haircut. Apart from that, we are going to point out whom a separate style fits best so that upon your next visit to the barber’s you will know for certain what you are aiming at.

Taper Fade

The taper fade is a versatile cut that can be combined with a variety of styles. Such a universal cut is designed to fit most face shapes so that it is a true crowd-pleaser. One of the most distinctive features of the style is the fact that there is no scalp exposure. If there is a strict dress code to follow, that may be quite a vital benefit. At the same time, you can sport the cut with style when you are off-duty too. If you are looking for a smarter look which is still utterly modern, then it is the cut for you.

Low Fade

It is easy to assume that a low fade is supposed to be even subtler than a taper fade, but that is a misleading assumption. The reality is the opposite. However, when compared to all the other fade types, the low one is still pretty much reserved. Just as the name suggests it the cut starts low and keeps evenly blending with the rest up to the top. Professional barbers have it that the style is exceptionally well-combined with triangular, oblong, and diamond head shapes. Apart from that, a well-groomed beard would complete the style seamlessly. 

Mid Fade

That fact that the mid fade is something in-between too low and too high makes it the most requested fade type among the modern generation. It starts somewhere above the ears and then goes up seamlessly, blending with the style chosen for the top. The variety of styles to pair with a mid-fade are close to being unlimited. It is safe to say that it is one of those universal styles that fit well all styles and ages. Aside from that, a long beard blends with the style like nothing else.

High Fade

Finally, the high fade is the most contrasting fade type there is. The definitive feature of the hairstyle is all the hair cut short on the sides and the back of the head, at times, foil shaver is used to cut the hair the closest to skin. Very often, the type is mixed with Aftro haircuts. The head shape is rarely taken into an account when opting for the cut, while there is still some room left for experimentation with the top. All in all, if you are looking for a contrasting way to showcase your edgy style, the high fade will certainly add up to that.

Scissor Fade

While most fades are achieved with the help of clippers, the scissor fade, often done with precision tools like the Saki Shears Katana, provides a more personalized cut. You can choose any other fade type to be adapted to your head shape when opting for a scissor fade. Those who are looking for a more precise and personalized cut usually choose the scissor one. 

Slicked Back Side Part with a Sleek Mid Fade 

A sleek and elegant transition from a haircut to a beard is not that simple to achieve if the barber is not skilled enough. However, apart from the professionalism of the barber, you need to envision precisely what is that you want. This is exactly how a slicked back side part with a mid-fade combined with a well-attended beard should look like.

Mid Fade with a Textured Quiff

A quiff is a timeless cut that suits almost all. however, if you are searching for a more playful look and you are willing to commit to morning styling routine, a mid fade is bound to be incorporated. 

Platinum French Crop with a High Fade

It is not only the cut that makes the look ultra-modern and one of a kind. It is coloring too. These days platinum blonde is the best pick for edgy and daring lads. With a French top like that, you will look stylish and bold no matter what.  

Source: MensHaircuts


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